The game! in Duisburg has been postponed to July, the organizing Nostheide Verlag announced. Originally it was planned to hold the games fair from March 25th to 27th in the landscape park in Duisburg.

Nostheide Verlag gives the corona situation around Omikron as the reason for the postponement. The date of the event has been pushed back by almost three months: the game! 2022 is now scheduled to take place from July 1st to 3rd.

The situation surrounding the Omicron variant is getting more and more out of control. Laboratories are reaching their limits when evaluating the few PCR tests compared to other countries, and the situation in schools is often tense – normal wards in hospitals are filling up, but the intensive care area is not yet at its limit.

Decision "necessary and most sensible"

The Nuremberg Toy Fair has already pushed ahead with its decision to cancel the first relevant game fair of 2022. Instead, this year, too, they are betting on a pure online concept. The game! in Duisburg the second trade fair would have been in the first quarter of the new year – in March visitors would have been invited to the Duisburg Landscape Park. Nothing will come of it: the game is only supposed to come in the summer! 2022 will now take place, according to Nostheide Verlag. The event is planned to take place from July 1st to 3rd.

"Omikron is currently causing a great deal of uncertainty as to whether public trade fairs can be held at all," it said. "We are therefore postponing the trade fair by almost three months." The publisher itself had had concerns, but they were also brought to Nostheide Verlag from outside.

One anticipates, because in theory one could have waited and postponed the decision. One of the reasons is the unpredictable situation around major events in view of the rapidly spreading Omikron variant: The publisher assumes that "due to the Corona Protection Ordinance in NRW and the increasing infections with their consequences, such a large public event cannot be held". At present, public trade fairs would only be permitted if they were normally aimed at visits by no more than 750 people at the same time.

"This early decision, which was not easy for us, seems necessary and makes the most sense to us in the interests of all those involved," says the publisher organizing the fair. "We hope that you will understand this in these special times and that SPIEL DOCH! going to visit in July".

According to the publisher, tickets that have already been purchased remain valid for the corresponding weekdays. Information is available online at:

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