NFL fans must be strong: Microsoft has released the Xbox Game Pass game library changes. Titles from the Electronic Arts subscription service "EA Play" are now also affected, because the library can now also be accessed as a Game Pass payer. April is not a good month for fans of EA Sports' older NFL and NHL games. After all: You can also give the all-clear, because the current offshoots from the sports game series will of course remain with EA Play and thus also in the Game Pass or get – as in the case of NHL 21 – still growth.

Who the old Madden NFL games the new offshoot Madden NFL 21 prefers, he will hardly have jumped for joy given the fact that Madden NFL 15-25 are disappearing from EA Play. The same applies to NHL 18 and 19, but here fans get the consistently successful offshoot as compensation NHL 21 - This is available from April 12th and is a must-play title for fans of fast ice sports. And if you can't do anything with sports games, you don't have to look down the pipe either: the Xbox Game Pass will be expanded at all levels in April.

More than 50 games with touch controls

Top-class games will migrate to Game Pass in April or are already available, such as Grand Theft Auto 5 or Zombie Army 4: Dead War - both titles have been available on consoles and in the cloud since April 8th. Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure and Disneyland Adventures can now also be enjoyed via cloud gaming. The latest offshoot of the NHL sports game series, on the other hand, is not a cloud game, but "console only". Sports fans should also mark April 20 in their calendars, because then MLB The Show 21, a baseball game, will be released directly on the release day as part of the Xbox Game Pass, playable via console and in the cloud. What is particularly special is that this series of games has so far only been a Playstation brand.

Where new comes, old has to go: this applies not only to the sports games mentioned, but also to three titles straight from the Game Pass.

These games will leave Xbox Game Pass on April 15th:

Deliver Us the Moon (console and PC)
Gato Roboto (console and PC)
Wargroove (console and PC)

Microsoft is also driving the further development of touch-compatible games. In September 2020, Minecraft Dungeons was the first game to support Xbox Touch Control. Since then, the remote control has been one of the most requested features from the community. "With this feature, you no longer need a controller when playing via cloud gaming (beta), but simply use the touch screen of your Android device," says Microsoft.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the developer, more than 50 additional games now support Xbox Touch Control as part of Cloud Gaming (beta). In addition to Minecraft Dungeons, Xbox Touch Control is available for Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears 5, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Slay the Spire and many more games.

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