The song of ice and fire continues in a digital version of the well-known board game. Insidious intrigue, flattering words or a glorious armed force- How do you lead your house to the throne in Westeros? Another game that is being implemented by Asmodee Digital and will soon be available to players on Steam. 

The wait is still not over for fans of the book series. 'The Winds of Winter ' takes time and yet there is hope that this year, at least in the USA, the probably last book will be published. We'll see how far the German translation will go. At least George RR Martin had said some time ago that he had finished writing the book for the Worldcon in New Zealand. This begins on July 29th and, like all trade fairs at the moment, will now take place digitally.

Game of Thrones: Board game continues the battle for Westeros

Digitally, you will soon be able to fight for the throne in board game style. While the PC strategy game is based on the HBO version, the board game is based on George RR Martin's books. The board game by Christian T. Petersen is among the top 120 best games of all time on BoardGameGeek. The newly published digital implementation remains close to the original, and thus offers an exciting pastime until Volume 11 is published.

In Westeros one takes over the management of one of the great houses and begins to conquer the throne in Kings Landing after Robert Baratheon's death. With strategic planning you can reach your goal diplomatically or militarily. But you must never lose track because in order to win, you have to keep several factors in mind. Resources can become scarce and soldiers are not available in abundance either.

Beat your enemies in battle

But even those who concentrate too much on their target are in danger, because behind the wall the wildlings are planning their attack. This game is about skillfully using all of your strengths and not shrinking from intrigues. While one must act united against the wildlings, the law of the stronger applies on the battlefield. But if you stir up your enemies against each other, you can watch the throne come within reach without the dangers of war.
Up to six players can play Play A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition, either with online opponents or in the Single player mode against different AI's with adjustable levels of difficulty. There is also an introductory tutorial and exclusive playable campaigns. The graphics and design are based on the original template. A game should last around an hour, the focus is on resource management, area control and the use of hidden skills and hero skills.
Game of Throne: Th Board Game appears as a digital board game for Valve's Games platform Steam. The game should be released in the third quarter of 2020.
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