The world-renowned critics' prize for parlor games, the "Game of the Year", yesterday announced its nominations for the categories "Game of the Year", "Connoisseur's Game of the Year" and "Children's Game of the Year". Asmodee convinced the eleven-member jury in all categories.

Fun Facts by Repos Production was named Game of the Year, Challengers! by Z-Man Games and 1 More Time
Games nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres and Mysterium Kids: The Treasure of Captain Boo by Libellud and Space Cow for Kinderspiel des Jahres. Exploding Kittens also included Mantis on their Game of the Year recommendation list. The jury awards the Unlock! game series, represented by the Unlock! Game Adventures and Unlock! Kids: Detective Stories with two special awards.

“We feel extraordinarily honored and delighted that so many of our titles have been nominated and honored by the jury. For us it is a clear sign that the versatility, creativity and consistently good quality of our studios are valued. It is a great pleasure for us and everyone involved in the development of the games,” says Udo Fischer, Managing Director of Asmodee Germany.

A total of nine games, three per category, were nominated by the jury for "Game of the Year", "Kennerspiel of the Year" and "Children's Game of the Year". This year the jury had 440 games to test, which was a whopping 10% more than last year. Now the jury has to test and evaluate the three nominated games even more intensively until July 16th for the “Game of the Year” and the “Kennerspiel des Jahres”: Then one game from each category becomes the coveted one received price.

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Three games nominated - in all three categories

Nominated for "Game of the Year": Fun Facts

Fun Facts is a cooperative party game where players test how well they know each other. In each round, players secretly answer a personal question with a number, then the answers must be classified in ascending order by assessments. Game fans uncover all answers and collect points. After eight questions, the points are collected and compared! Can the points record of the last game be surpassed?

Statement of the jury: “Fun Facts is much more than a classic introductory game – interspersed with harmless ones
assessments, there is a wealth of more in-depth questions that one rarely deals with in everyday life, such as one's own creativity, degree of shyness or ambition. In this way you not only learn new things about others, but also about yourself and how others see you. A playful invitation to reflection.”

Nominated for “Kennerspiel des Jahres”: Challengers!

Challengers! is an engaging deck management game with an exceptional tournament feel. Up to four exciting duels are played simultaneously. In this way, players meet a different opponent in each round. The game offers a choice of over 70 different characters, each with unique abilities. From aliens to vacuum cleaners to deep-sea creatures, everything is there. Players create a diverse team, surprise her
Face off with epic combos to win trophies and fans. Only the two players with the most fans advance to the grand final after the seventh match. The winner of the Grand Finals becomes the Champion of Challengers!

Statement of the jury: “Challengers! offers a new, fresh concept that turns the game night into an event - exciting and turbulent until the last duel between the two best. Large groups in particular enjoy the charged tournament atmosphere that is created by the individual feuds that are constantly being put together in new ways. The variety of possible combinations make the challenge a pleasure with a high level of replay appeal.”

Nominated for "Child's Game of the Year": Mysterium Kids: The Treasure of Captain Buh

Mysterium Kids: Captain Boo's Treasure is a cooperative children's game that requires young game fans to work together to find Captain Boo's treasure before the moon goes down and the night is over.

Each round someone plays the ghost of Captain Buh. The ghost uses the included tambourine to give the others a sonic clue to an object located in the haunted mansion. To do this, he must imitate the sound of the object depicted on the card: This can be, for example, a ticking grandfather clock, a
Hammer or even a bursting balloon. Then the players have to think about which card the ghost could have meant. Only those who guess correctly will gradually get closer to Captain Buh's treasure.

Statement of the jury: “The tambourine fascinates the children immediately. Combined with the challenge of matching
Generating noises and listening carefully creates a unique atmosphere. When the players then find out together what the object they are looking for is, there is great joy. Mysterium Kids convinces with an exciting task and unique play material.”

Two special prizes for the Unlock! game series

Unlock! and Unlock! Kids, the immersive escape game, was represented by the titles Unlock! Game Adventures and Unlock! Kids: Detective Stories awarded the prestigious special prize of the jury. Developed by Cyril Demaegd and published by Space Cowboys and Space Cow, Unlock! and Unlock! Kids is a series of card based escape games. Each game offers a unique story, challenging puzzles and immersive environments while challenging problem-solving skills and
the teamwork of the players. This award for the Unlock! series recognizes the game's innovation and impact on the board game industry. Mixing traditional card game mechanics with a modern escape room concept has paved the way for a new genre of board games.

A title on the Game of the Year recommendation list

Mantis was included in the "Game of the Year" recommendation list. In Mantis, players collect cards by stealing them or scoring them until the winner collects a total of 10 cards. Mantis was developed by Ken Gruhl & Jeremy Posner and illustrated by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal. The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players and has an average playing time of about 10 minutes.

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