The Game of the Year award is one of the most coveted board game awards. Every year, the "best" games of the past year are nominated. One lucky winner will be chosen from three nominees. In addition to the main prize, the nominations and recommendations for the Kenner and Kinderspiel des Jahres were announced.

What games have a chance on MicroMacro: Crime City, Paleo  and Dragomino in the series of games of the year was announced today. The jury made three nominations and a few recommendations for the main prize, the Kennerspielpreis and the Kinderspielpreis. The diversity of the nominees is very large. Both the number of people, mechanics and also the topics reflect the diversity of the board game world well.

Game of the year 2022: The nominees

With a bit of luck, the nominees for the main prize can look forward to the successor to MicroMacro: Crime City to compete The selection here could hardly be more varied. Cascadia by KOSMOS is one of the nominees. In this game for 1-4 people, the players puzzle together an ecosystem that harmonises as well as possible. The tile placement game is from previous years most likely Azul compared in terms of demand and complexity. Visually and thematically very different SCOUT. The card game for 2-5 people is much more abstract. The given theme presents the players with the task of preparing the best circus show. To do this, they must form rows and sets with their hand cards. Is completely different again top ten The party game for 4-9 players is more likely to have outsider chances. In this cooperative card game, five rounds must be survived and the correct order of the answers must be found for statements. On the recommendation list you will find 7 Wonders: Architects, echoes: The Dancer, Magic Rabbit, My Gold Mine, So Kleever!, and Trek 12: Himalayas.

Expert games

In the Kennerspiel category, there are two games that won in different categories at the French As d'Or. The deck-building game with a push-your-luck element Living Forest by Pegasus won the As d'Or in the Kennerspiel category. The deck-building/worker placement game, which was also awarded an As d'Or Dune imperium received the “Ace” in the expert games category. Now both are nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres. The Deduction Game Cryptid by Skellig Games completes the trio of nominees. There are three more titles on the recommendation list. Here you will find the civilization game KhoraWitchstone by HUCH and that to be categorized more as an expert game Nova Ark.

Children's games

The jury for the children's game of the year, which was different from the other two prizes, also nominated three titles. Like last year's award winner Dragomino, two nominees are "small" versions of games aimed at older audiences. That includes this year also already clever that with Pretty clever is related and With Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg, that the children on race day into the world of The quacks of Quedlinburg kidnapped. Both adopt the basic concept of the "big" role models and make it accessible to the younger target group. As the third game is magic mountain nominated. This is a cooperative racing game from Amigo.
Of course, there is also a list of recommendations for the children's games. Find yourself here The mansion of the vampires, frogs, golden egg  and Honey

The Children's Game Award winner will be announced on June 20th. The other two award winners will follow on July 16.

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