Ludo Fact produces over 70.000 board games and puzzles per day with an average circulation of 6000 pieces at its location in Jettingen Scheppach for around 200 game publishers worldwide. They add up to around 16,5 million units per year. Now a new machine was needed and it comes from Kolbus, according to the machine manufacturer.

Ludo Fact takes over the production of game components as well as the assembly of the complete game, the packaging and the subsequent shipping. While board games and puzzles were already in trend with moderate but continuous growth before the Corona, the corona pandemic brought one to the publishers steeply increasing demand. In December 2020, the BVS Handelsverband Spielwaren reported an increase in sales of 24 percent, with adults in particular counting among the customers - many of them, namely 27 percent, are new customers. For Ludo Fact that meant one thing above all else: full order books.

Reached the limit

"With our previous configuration of the machine park in the laminating area, we were gradually reaching the limits," said Marcel Riehle, Operations Manager at Ludo Fact, describing the situation in spring 2020. efficiency, availability and service. After all, the machine to be replaced was already 16 years old. ”Of course, Riehle and his team were familiar with the sophisticated, high-quality systems from Kolbus for one-sided lamination of book covers and premium packaging. "These machines can also turn over the lamination, which is of fundamental importance to us," emphasizes Riehle. For the production of game plans and punching boards, however, Ludo Fact needed a system that laminated on both sides. And here the team of specialists around Marcel Riehle developed an idea, which they turned to the Kolbus engineers.

"Fortunately, we met wide-open ears there," remembers Riehle. "The implementation and development of the necessary detailed solutions were dealt with immediately, so that a result was presented to us shortly afterwards." The obvious solution was to simply use two Kolbus ceiling machines - one for the front and one for the back of the cardboard sheets - and rebuild accordingly.

The choice fell on the DA 290 model, which not only allows the processing of large-format sheets up to 1050 x 735 mm at 40 cycles per minute, but also offers a high degree of automation from the pallet feeder to the stacker. The real challenge was to use it to achieve non-stop production with maximum register accuracy between the two sides of the sheets. "The alignment of the arches is decisive for the quality," says Riehle. The operations manager is silent about the details of this process - trade secret! "This is where our special know-how goes," he says, pointing out that the laminating system in this form is not only the first in the world, but also unique. “As far as I know, there is no such thing a second time.” And Riehle would like it to stay that way for a while for reasons of competition.

"The configuration of the system is so far unique in the world," confirms Andreas Hülsmann, Sales Manager Germany at Kolbus GmbH & Co. KG in Rahden in East Westphalia. "The very short set-up times and the high quality standards are also features that have not yet been implemented anywhere else."

Completely new technology

The two DA 290 ceiling machines provide the basis for this with their very low adjustment effort, excellent handling and ergonomics, precise material guidance and great application flexibility. In addition to dispersion glue, the DA 290 can also process hot glue (gelate); all operating steps can be carried out during operation with the highest level of work safety at the same time - all factors that played a decisive role in the decision. The system in Jettingen-Scheppach finally went into productive operation in mid-September. "For us this was the first Kolbus machine, so we brought a completely new technology into the house and of course took a closer look," says Marcel Riehle. "The result of this partnership convinces us in every respect."

Ludo Fact not only achieves better product quality with the Kolbus system, but also increased productivity. “We have thus reached the level in the laminating area that we have always strived for. The susceptibility to failure is also significantly reduced. "But the" soft factors "also confirm Riehle in choosing the partner Kolbus:" The cooperation works extremely well. Not only did they understand our needs straight away and the development was geared towards them in a cooperative manner, but the integration of the system into operation was also supported. As a result, this succeeded without any loss of production. "

Marcel Riehle was also impressed by the openness of the Kolbus team: a project like this, especially when it comes to new territory like this, always needs fine-tuning. The willingness of Kolbus to step up programming, speed and set-up times and to stay on the ball continuously was just as important for the partnership as the real-time connection to the Kolbus service.

Praise that Andreas Hülsmann naturally likes to hear. “It is part of our self-image to learn from the requirements of our customers and to use the know-how we have gained to their advantage. The fact that we have apparently succeeded very well in this case, in which two of our machines have been combined in a previously unique way, encourages us. "

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