The new Cubimag Pro also belongs to the series of brain games at HCM Kinzel. Now the magnetic logic puzzle has been named educational game of the month September 2021 by the Stuttgart game fair. Every month, the exhibition management awards the prize in order to honor the educational game of the year from this selection during the exhibition days in November this year. The audience award is chosen by the visitors to the game fair.

Logic training with magnetic components: Puzzle fans can look forward to exciting challenges at Cubimag Pro. The 3D game requires spatial thinking and trains logic. Solving the tasks is definitely tricky. Thanks to the integrated magnets, the components in different shapes with brightly transparent colors hold together as if by magic.

Cubimag: A game like a puzzle

At the beginning, when only three or four parts have to be installed, the "riddle" is solved quite quickly. But the more components the character needs, the more challenging the game becomes. The enclosed booklet provides over 180 tasks in three different levels of difficulty. But not only can you play alone, there is also a competitive variant. For the game for two, 48 tasks have to be solved in two levels of difficulty. The picture always shows two figures that have the same level of difficulty. Each player has his own task - tinkering with speed is the motto.

With its color scheme, Cubimag Pro appeals to children and adults (1 and 2 players) from 6 years of age. Price around 24 euros.

By the way, there is Cubimag Junior for the youngest players. In order to make it more realistic, animals are recreated in addition to abstract images: for example a fish, a swan, a giraffe or a cat. The little ones from the age of three have thirteen colorful components available for this. Thanks to the integrated magnets, they stick together to solve a total of 60 tasks. With the stickers contained in the box, different animals can also be provided with eyes and mouth. If, for example, the finished cat with seven puzzle pieces also gets a face at the end, the joy is great. Cubimag Junior belongs to the series of logic games. For a player from 3 years. Price around 16 euros.

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