The game publisher Gale Force Nine has announced a new Mafia board game that will be played in Chicago during the Prohibition era. Three to four players set out to take control of the various areas of the city and thus the black market.

Admittedly, the topic of Wise Guys, as the board game is called, is not particularly new: Prohibition already existed, Mafia anyway - and territory control board games are anything but the latest craze among gameplay mechanisms.

Wise Guys: Variable structure for higher replayability

Gale Force Nine's title could be interesting despite the known basic mechanism, because the creators combine the game principle with a bidding system. So the territories change every night. The Mafia board game is aimed at three to four players, each of whom slip into the roles of various mobsters from the Chicago underworld, including the famous and infamous Chicago outfit for Al Capone.

Players try to gain control of the areas in order to ultimately emerge victorious from the competitive board game. Author Phil Yates (including World of Tanks Miniatures Game or Flames of War) has built in a twist: Even if the factions are fundamentally enemies, they have the opportunity to trade goods. For example, weapons or money can change hands on request. Players can thus forge flimsy alliances, which should increase the social interaction in this board game as well as the annoyance factor.

Otherwise, the gangs head for different locations in Chicago, which are placed randomly and thus ensure a certain variability in the subsequent games. Another factor are random events that present players with new challenges every round and repeatedly necessitate changes to strategy. Also central will be the different skills of the gang members who are suitable, for example, as particularly good bone breakers or can negotiate good deals due to their charisma.

The illustrator Darko Stojanovic gave the game its look; previously he was involved in the card game Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals, among others. Gale FOrce Nine says it plans to release Wise Guys over the course of 2022. However, the publisher did not name a specific release date or a price for the board game. Given the material you can see in the pictures, it could be a medium-priced title, but that's purely speculative. Gale Force Nine is behind board games like Dune, Firefly or Spartacus. The board games are all licensed titles - until now. The mafia board game Wise Guys will be Gale Force Nine's first unlicensed work.

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