Hodari Spiele from Kassel recently delivered a very successful Kickstarter project with Wutaki. After Roll for Great Old Ones will be available later this year, the first novelty for the coming year has now been announced. In this game, the players end up in outer space.

The novelty takes place in the year 2986. Instead of the earth, which was completely destroyed by climate change, humans now colonize more than a dozen microplanets. The galaxy post office was established to send materials, letters and also bills between planets. 
Players have their first day as a galaxy postman. They deliver packages, give rides to aliens and upgrade their ship to suit their needs.

The interplanetary mail

In each round, the players roll their dice pool and select actions that they activate with the dice. Upgrades improve these actions as the game progresses.

The galaxy through which players travel is fraught with danger. According to the mechanisms currently listed on BGG, this galaxy is changeable.
In order to survive their journeys unscathed, players must also keep an eye on their energy levels. Otherwise you run the risk of suffering system errors.

The game runs over a set number of rounds. The end will come earlier when one of the postmen and women has delivered all the packages or there are too many aliens in the galaxy waiting to be picked up.

Galaxy Postman is a dice worker placement game for 1-4 players. It is recommended for ages 14 and up and the playing time is 45-60 minutes.

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