In an article by Triternion Games - the makers behind the online Hack'n'Slash Mordhau - the developers discussed the new features for the game in the near future.

In addition to the processes that are always being worked on, such as bug fixes or improving weapon balancing, a ranked mode is to be introduced soon. The ranks range from Bronze 1 (lowest rank) to Elite 5 (highest rank). Each level above bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and elite should have five ranks. 

Source: Triternion


The developers also want to find a solution to the problem on the subject of "Toxicity". The developers use the word “toxicity” to describe players who insult, abuse of “vote kick”, griefing (hindering the game) or similar things. One of the suggested solutions would be, for example, a filter that does not even show offenses.

In addition, a new 64-player mode is to come, which is currently referred to as "Invasion". This should be a mixture of conquerors and flags. Two maps on which "Invasion" will be playable are in the final stages of development: Feitoria, a larger map with a town and an adjoining village. Castello: a medieval castle, which is said to be more complex than the well-known fortress on the Map Grad.


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