Matching the start of the film The Kangaroo Conspiracy, the new game by Marc-Uwe Kling, Voll auf die 18, is now available. The cooperative kangaroo card game from Pegasus Spiele publishing partner Edition Spielwiese is a heartfelt project for everyone involved, because the profits are donated to a good cause.

Author Marc-Uwe Kling became famous for the stories about a communist kangaroo who lives in a shared flat with a cabaret artist. After initially appearing as a podcast, the Kangaroo Chronicles were also published as books and audio books from 2009. In 2020, the kangaroo was seen on the cinema screen for the first time.

A cooperative card game

At the same time as the second film, The Kangaroo Conspiracy, which has been in cinemas since August 25, Marc-Uwe Kling's latest game has also been released: Voll auf die 18 is a funny, cooperative and chaotic kangaroo card game with dice. Together, the players must argue against the Nazis from the Nazi pile and prevent them from seizing power. However, a new Nazi appears every 33 to 45 seconds and the players only have exactly 18 minutes to convince all the Nazis that being a Nazi is stupid. On the other hand, if they were surrounded by Nazis or have run out of arguments, the players have lost the chapter and must try again.

At the beginning of their mission, two to five players aged ten and over open the accompanying app and slip into the roles of well-known characters such as kangaroo, cabaret artist, Maria, Krapotke, Friedrich-Wilhelm and other members of the "Asocial Network". Together they have to play cards with arguments and numbers from one to six that correspond exactly to the IQ of the respective Nazi. New objectives and victory conditions are regularly added over the course of the 18 increasingly difficult chapters. In addition, each character has its own play rules that must always be followed. Before it starts, there is a short prologue spoken by Marc-Uwe Kling and the kangaroo for each chapter.

"Full to the 18 not only offers 100 good arguments against Nazis and lots of fun, but is also a heart project," says the publisher Pegasus Spiele. Therefore, the profit from the sale of the game by Pegasus Spiele, Edition Spielwiese and everyone involved in the project will be donated to three organizations that are committed to fighting racism: Victim Perspective, Mobile Advice Against Right-Wing Extremism Berlin and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.


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