It starts anew every year: the race for the best Christmas presents. Christmas time is traditionally the time of joy - and disappointment, when the gift you have bought arrives differently than you had hoped. Parents, in particular, often throw themselves into expense to put a real highlight under the Christmas tree for their protégés. It is therefore essential to deal with the wishes and possible gifts in advance. Because not only games, but also consoles are often given away for the celebration of love, we have summarized the most important information for parents who want to give their children a console for Christmas.

Which consoles are trendy for Christmas?

Given the number of different video game consoles, you might think it doesn't matter which device you use when you want to give a console for Christmas. The devil is once again in the details, because the differences between the individual devices are so great that, as a giver, you have to grapple with the advantages and disadvantages of individual consoles in order to meet the needs of adult and underage gamers. What is particularly important: keep an eye on trends!

Only if parents know which consoles are particularly popular will they hit the jackpot with the console gift. For children, receiving a console also means talking to friends about it. And what's uncool in the schoolyard than with the new one Xbox 360 to brag when using the powerful Xbox One X the console generation after the next has already appeared?

There are currently five noteworthy trends in the console sector, which we briefly introduce below.

  • Xbox One X: Microsoft's console monster has been available in stores since November, making it one of the hottest consoles that you can get for Christmas. In terms of performance, there is currently no comparable device for cozy gaming evenings (except for high-class gaming PCs). The Xbox One X currently costs € 499 * in stores.
  • Nintendo Switch: The portable home console Nintendo Switch is showered with awards. Rightly so, because what Nintendo offers players is innovative and practical. The Nintendo Switch can basically be used as a home console and as a handheld. Despite great fears, the range of games for the Nintendo Switch is already excellent in the year of its release. If you want to give the Nintendo Switch as a console for Christmas, you have to invest at least € 319 *. 
  • Playstation 4 Pro: The Playstation 4 Pro was something like Sony's attempt to take the wind out of the sails of the Xbox One S. In terms of performance, the PS4 Pro offers 4K gaming and HDR, but cannot hold a candle to the Xbox One X. The PS 4 Pro is still the current console highlight for Playstation fans. The Playstation 4 Pro incurs costs as a Christmas present. approx. € 375 *.
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL: 3D has long since gone out of fashion in the handheld segment - even if there are still many fans in the gaming scene who appreciate the qualities of the 3DS. The latest trick from Nintendo's handheld department is the colorful New Nintendo 2DS XL. The power corresponds to the New Nintendo 3DS XL, with less weight and using pure 2D representation. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is priced at around € 135 *.
  • Retro consoles: New editions from previous generations of consoles are the trends in the field of retro consoles. If you want to give a game lover a console for Christmas, you can hardly ignore this trend topic. After the resounding success of the NES Mini, the new edition of the SNES was also able to inspire the fans. Computer gamers, on the other hand, are looking forward to a retro console from Atari, which is due to appear in spring 2018. Retro consoles tend to sell out quickly, so prices vary. As a buyer, you have to reckon with costs of € 120 * to € 180 * on average. 

Roughly speaking, parents should (if the budget allows) go for a console trend first. If the young gamer is a real Playstation fanboy, the choice is just as easy as it is for a passionate Mario lover. If there is no evidence of a tendency towards a brand, multimedia and gameplay preferences tend to decide in the end - and of course the right games line-up.

How do I choose the right console for Christmas?

Even if many console fans see it differently: There is simply not ONE best console. Each end device has its own advantages and weaknesses. It is not just the technical performance that is decisive for the purchase decision. That is just as important Availability of comfortable applications, available peripherals and above all the line up of video games for the respective console that should serve as a Christmas present. The first step for parents is to analyze their children's game preferences and, above all, to do so das Alter to consider. Of course, there are twelve-year-olds who, without exception, have one Xbox One X wish to play the latest part of the Call of Duty game series in top performance. However, whether this can be used as a purchase argument for responsible parents is another question.

Sometimes it's the details that can decide which console will go down particularly well as a Christmas present. The question of The handling of the gamepads is not insignificant for many passionate gamers. Many gamers swear by the ergonomics of the controllers on a particular console. Some find the dual shock controller of the PS4 the best, for others the Xbox gamepad is perfect in the hand. Parents would do well to deal with these details, watch their children gamble or, if in doubt, simply ask.

Knowledge of child protection functions is essential for parents of younger children. At least on the Nintendo Switch, special options are available to protect children from excessive video game consumption. An adjustable alarm, for example, or statistics on the titles played via the smartphone. 

Anyone who already knows that mobile gaming is important to their children can exclude pure home devices such as the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X as a console gift. What is left is the Nintendo Switch or a New Nintendo 2DS XL. One of the main differences between the semi-portable Nintendo Switch and a handheld is the mobile playing time. As a pure handheld, the Nintendo DS is designed to do without a permanent mains connection, which has a positive effect on the battery life. the Battery life while gaming on the Nintendo Switch are different and depend on the power consumption of the respective video games. A user has a practical list for this reddit made available.

For gamers: which console to give for Christmas?

The list shows that the runtime in power mode with full lighting and activated WiFi connectivity is at least 120 minutes. This is sufficient for most excursions, so that the Nintendo Switch fulfills its hybrid existence as a mobile home console. Less power-intensive games like the charming cult game Stardew Valley* In battery-saving mode, playing times of around 400 minutes are achieved. In a direct comparison between the New Nintendo 2DS XL and the Nintendo Switch, mobility alone is not a decisive factor. Rather, it is the current one Games line-upthat must serve as a purchase argument. While some high-class and well-known titles are available on the Nintendo Switch, fans are still waiting for highlights like Pokemon or Animal Crossing. Anyone who knows that children are into brands like this must currently pick up a New Nintendo 2DS XL or wait for the release dates for the versions for the Nintendo Switch. However, it won't be too long before these titles appear on Nintendo's new console.

Nintendo Switch: What additional costs do you have to expect?

Anyone who wants to give a console for Christmas is already planning a larger investment. However, the low basic price of the Nintendo Switch should not hide the fact that there are additional costs that come with the purchase of a Nintendo Switch. The basic package, which costs around 320 euros, does not contain anything besides the console with docking station and the necessary cabling. The only official bundle included mario odyssey costs around 380 euros in stores. 

There is of course a wide range of optional accessories available. The mandatory purchases in the accessories segment include a Protective film for the display the Nintendo Switch and a matching protective bag. Of course, both are available as a set: Nintendo Switch case & protective film*. The set comes directly from the manufacturer, so you can't go wrong with these official accessories.

For gamers: which console to give for Christmas?

If you want to play on the Nintendo Switch with more than one friend, you will sooner or later need an additional pair of Joy-Cons, which currently cost € 79,99. In order to fundamentally improve the handling when playing, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is recommended, which costs € 62,99 in stores. Because the topic of memory is also hotly debated on the Nintendo Switch, passionate gamers will be one of them Memory expansion using a memory card don't get around. Especially players who purchase new titles as a download rather than a physical version should consider purchasing a memory card as early as possible. 

The Joy Con charging cradle for a fair € 29,90 is one of the luxury accessories. This neat piece of technology is not essential, but it is still quite practical. It allows players to charge the Joy Cons while playing. Otherwise, loading pauses are mandatory when gaming in TV mode for a long time. If you are informed about the topic of accessories in good time, you may find cheap gift alternatives as suggestions for grandma, grandpa or other relatives instead of the console as a gift for Christmas.

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Give games for the Nintendo Switch this Christmas

When it comes to games, the selection for the Nintendo Switch is clear, but large enough to be faced with problems as a novice when making a decision. The number of highlight games is currently rather limited. So if you as the giver commit yourself to one of the well-known titles, you can’t go wrong.

Games for the Nintendo Switch are priced in the range of other consoles. The market trend towards early and noticeable reductions is present. So it can be worth waiting a few weeks before purchasing. 

Xbox One X: What additional costs do you have to expect?

If you are unsure whether it makes sense to give the Nintendo Switch as a console for Christmas, you will get the powerful one Xbox One X presents the perfect alternative for passionate gamers. In contrast to the Nintendo Switch, the acquisition of the new console from Microsoft is completely unproblematic and even for parents for whom the Commodore 64 is still the non-plus-ultra of digital entertainment.

For gamers: which console to give for Christmas?

The Xbox One X costs in trade €499*. Except for one game, the package contains everything you will need for operation in the foreseeable future. Additional gaming hardware is more of a luxury - with the exception of a second controller for local multiplayer games. The games line-up of the Xbox One X convinced, also because many games from older console generations are backwards compatible. All games on the Xbox One are running anyway and are given special Enhanced Updates to upgrade graphics and performance. The really necessary additional costs for the Xbox One X therefore amount to zero euros. Overall you can get the new Xbox One X as an all-round carefree package, the basic version of which is more expensive than the Nintendo Switch, but does not incur any additional costs (of course, excluding games).

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Giving a console means acquiring media skills

Even though we have hopefully been able to provide parents and donors with a lot of information and suggestions when it comes to giving a console for Christmas: Unfortunately, we cannot make the final decision for buyers. Ultimately, the personal budget and the gaming interests of the recipient decide on the purchase.

As a parent, it is important to keep in mind that children's video game consumption should never be uncontrolled. So if you want to give a console for Christmas, you shouldn't shut yourself off from acquiring basic media skills. Parents should speak openly with their children about the playing time and content of the digital titles - but also pay attention to their children's wishes and, if necessary, be informed about trends before making decisions.