It didn't take a prophet to predict that Frostpunk would have a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The financing round is now entering its final phase and "backers" have until Thursday, October 29, 2020 to decide for or against a pledge. The campaign has meanwhile reached a key milestone: the companion app for the board game has been activated as a stretch goal for 1,7 million euros.

The success of the crowdfunding campaign was inevitable. It has now paid off that Glass Cannon Unlugged banged the advertising drum well before the start of the "crowd funding". In the meantime, more than 14.700 supporters have raised a sum of almost 1,9 million euros, the makers had planned 200.000 euros as a financing goal.

In Frostpunk: Das Brettspiel - the German-language version localizes Frosted Games - players control the fortunes of a colony that has settled around a heat-generating generator. In the worker placement game with a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting, the focus is on narrative elements, small stories and decisions that have playful consequences.

Frostpunk: App lets fans play together from anywhere

By reaching the funding amount of 1,7 million euros, fans activated the app for the board game as a stretch goal, and that is exactly where a small revolution could be slumbering.

The companion app now enables players to play together with others - without having to sit at the same table. The software thus bridges the gap between physical and digital gaming enjoyment. Thanks to the app, a group of up to four players can connect to another group of players via the Internet, i.e. anywhere. This enables a completely new kind of physical play for solo players in particular.

After exchanging codes, the virtual settlements created by the player share the trading post with all kinds of resources. From then on, trading activities will not only be driven by constantly changing market requirements and price fluctuations, but will also be based on the relationships and dependencies between the settlements.

“We believe the app will bring a breath of fresh air to the board game community and could revolutionize the way we play board games. Tabletop games that aim for solo gameplay benefit from an unprecedented collaborative experience,” said Jakub Wiśniewski, CEO of Glass Cannon Unplugged.

The crowdfunding campaign is nearing its end and is increasing towards 1.000 percent financing, which corresponds to a sum of 2.000.000 euros. The Frostpunk: The Board Game campaign was fully funded in 54 minutes and hit the first million in three days.

The board game adaptation is made possible by the cooperation between the 11-bit studios and Glass Cannon Unplugged, a new game studio developed by industry veterans. Jakub Wiśniewski, creator of the board game for This War of Mine, and Michał Ozon, former COO of board game publisher Phalanx, have teamed up for Frostpunk with independent writer Adam Kwapiński, who has worked on titles like Nemesis or Lords of Hellas and who is currently with Knockdown financed an "analog beat'em-up" via crowdfunding.

The board game about Frostpunk is to be sent after a successful Kickstarter in October 2021. Who the Support campaign would like to have until October 29th.

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