Frostpunk: The Board Game, the board game for survival simulation from 11-bit Studios, started crowdfunding on Kickstarter - and the campaign was targeted from the start to target the 200.000 euro mark it had set. It is not a coincidence, and it is not particularly surprising: the creators of Class Cannon Unplugged have already rocked the drum in the run-up to the start of the campaign. And fans in this country can also look forward to it: Frostpunk appears in a German-language version via Frosted Games - how appropriate.

After the hit video game This Ware of Mine - which also made the leap to a board game - Frostpunk was the developers' next trick. With the survival build-up game, the 11-bit studios have presented such a strong foundation that it is now also becoming a board game. The crowdfunding for the adaptation, for which Class Cannon Unplugged and the German-language localization Frosted Games are responsible, has started and reached its destination after just a few hours. The € 200.000 mark set by Glass Cannon Unplugged for their Kickstarter debut has already passed.

Frostpunk: Board game should be delivered in October 2021

Well over 2.000 are already supporting the Frostpunk board game campaign via Kickstarter - and fans came in every second, especially in the hot phases shortly after the campaign was launched. The project managers at Glass Cannon Unplugged had set the limit of 200.000 euros as a financing target and this fell quickly. Last but not least, this is due to the good preparation of the crowdfunding campaign: The board game on Frostpunk was advertised so vigorously, especially in social media, that one could mean that the game was already available.

Based on the computer game of the same name, Frostpunk also takes up the survival setting as a board game: It puts players in a dystopian world in which the group fights for survival together. Frostpunk is a cooperative board game that says again: all win together or all lose together. Round after round it is about making the right, sometimes only the best, of the remaining bad decisions.

At the center of the game are the residents, who players can deal with as they please. Because the residents have needs that can be ignored or not, the meeples play a key role in the game concept. Already in the video game, which was released in 2018, the main concern for gamers was to meet the needs of the population and thus keep the city around the generator running. Not infrequently, morally questionable decisions had to be made, an element that the board game also takes up.

The huge generator is also at the center of the board game. Copyright: Glass Cannon Unplugged

The huge generator is also at the center of the board game. Copyright: Glass Cannon Unplugged

Frostpunk: The board game is available in two versions via Kickstarter: The “Core Pledge” for 75 euros is the basic version, the classic wooden meeples represent the core material, the more expensive version for 125 euros includes a miniature extension with over 100 models. The “Frostlander” add-on, on the other hand, is part of both versions.

A highlight of the board game for Frostpunk is the available app: This allows the game to be played across several tables or as a solo game, the latter in direct contact with other solo players, including mutual influences. The fact that the Kickstarter campaign for Frostpunk gets off to such a successful start is not only due to the advertising. Adam Kwapinski, who had already designed Nemesis, Lords of Hellas and Hard City, is responsible for the board game. The expectations of the fans are correspondingly high. the

The board game about Frostpunk is to be sent after a successful Kickstarter in October 2021. Who the Support campaign would like to have until October 29th.

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