Frosthaven appears to be making its way to the backers of the Kickstarter campaign later this summer. As an employee of Cephalofair Games is said to have announced, the shipments are planned to be completed in September. 

The Gloomhaven successor Frosthaven was pretty quiet for a long time. After an excellent result of the crowdfunding campaign, there were delays in the process. The fans in this country are affected, because the publisher Feuerland Spiele will release the dungeon crawler in a localized version - which has also been delayed accordingly.

German version of Frosthaven: Movement expected

Things are slowly starting to move again. As the portal Boardgamegeek previously reported, an employee of the publisher Cephalofair Games stated that the printing of the game material was "imminent". The shipping phase should therefore begin in mid-May – the publisher then plans to conclude the campaign in the fall. All copies of Frosthaven should be delivered in September 2022.

Despite all the hope, given the tense situation worldwide, there is still a risk of further delays. Nevertheless: The news from Cephalofair Games is also good for fans in this country. Although Feuerland Spiele has not yet reported with current information about the German version of Frosthaven, given the progress of the original version, the project should now be rolling again. So far, however, there is no time window. In US dollars, Frosthaven is currently priced at around 160.

The coronavirus pandemic in particular had previously slowed Frosthaven noticeably. In the meantime, author Issac Childres and Cephalofair Games have refrained from publishing a release date because the logistics situation was difficult to assess. Due to the dramatically increased prices for shipping and raw materials, Frosthaven had been delayed.

Frosthaven is a dungeon crawler set in the same universe as 2017's Gloomhaven and spin-off Gloomhaven: Lion's Paws. Players form a group of adventurers to experience a campaign together. Frosthaven not only drew attention to itself because of its popular predecessor - the Kickstarter campaign itself presented a record in the crowdfunding sector .

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