The sequel to Gloomhaven is currently being financed through Kickstarter. The successor with the extremely creative name Frosthaven has already cracked the limit of five million euros within a very short time - and the trend is rising. The campaign only started on March 31st, which is now supported by almost 40.000 “backers”. Frosthaven should appear in exactly one year, in March 2021.

After a postponement due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the crowdfunding campaign is closed Frosthaven on Kickstarter started on March 31st. After only two days, around 40.000 fans have already reached a funding amount of over 5,2 million euros. Designer Isaac Childres has given a campaign goal of just over 450.000 euros. Frosthaven is setting off to new heights on Kickstarter.

Frosthaven surpasses Gloomhaven, at least financially

With over 5,2 million euros already taken in, Frosthaven, the sequel to the successful Gloomhaven board game, is chasing records. For comparison, Gloomhaven had generated around 390.000 US dollars via Kickstarter in the first print, while the second edition, at four million US dollars, already reached ten times that amount. Frosthaven surpasses its predecessor after just two days.

Anyone who follows the Kickstarter campaign can currently see the funding amount increasing by the minute. Frosthaven is thus on a real high finance flight; From Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 and its achieved $ 12.393.139, the board game is currently still a long way off - but there are (as of Thursday, April 2) another 29 days in which fans of Gloomhaven their money - between 100 and 240 US dollars - into the production of the sequel. You don't have to be a clairvoyant to suspect that many more “backers” will make use of the opportunity. Whether it will be enough for the top position for the publisher Cephalofair Games in the end remains to be seen.

Projections show record opportunities

If the Frosthaven campaign can maintain its current pace, a total funding amount of around 60 million US dollars could theoretically be achieved. At least that is based on projections by the Kicktraq site* Hervor.

Experience shows that campaigns weaken after just a few days, real hype board games can keep their good backer numbers for a while longer. 60 million US dollars is probably too high, but Frosthaven is currently launching a serious attack on the top spot and could inherit KDM as heir to the throne.

Good equipment for brave heroes. Copyright: Cephalofair Games

Good equipment for brave heroes. Copyright: Cephalofair Games

Frosthaven is a cooperative board game for one to four players, the action of which takes place in climes north of the city of Gloomhaven. Pretty miniatures - including yeti-like creatures according to the theme - and tactical battles are the focus of the sequel to the bestseller Gloomhaven. The group of heroes explores icy cave systems, meets opponents and fights. Overall, the successor sticks closely to the "original", but also comes up with some new mechanics.

With the kick-start of Frosthaven and the planned release of the entry-level version “Jaws of the Lion”, 2020 is a real Gloomhaven year. The big box version of the Coop title published in 2017 is considered by fans and critics to be one of the best board games of recent years - and not only because of the playful quality, but also largely because of the exciting narrative threads embedded in the concept of a legacy Board game.

In any case, the crowdfunding campaign for Frosthaven ends on May 1st - with or without a new record. Here there is also more about Kickstarter and crowdfunding.

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