According to Tierra del Fuego games, the German version of Frosthaven will be available later than planned. The reason for this is a delay in the development of the original English version. Tierra del Fuego assumes that the German version of Frosthaven will be available in autumn 2021.

The creation of the original English version is currently about months behind the original schedule, explains Tierra del Fuego. This also shifts the German version of the board game, with which the author Isaac Childres and Cephalofair Games have generated around 13 million US dollars via crowdfunding. Frosthaven thus became the most successful board game on Kickstarter. The result had itself Isaac Childres was not expected like thisas he betrayed us.

Pre-orders from Frosthaven also start delayed

Due to the delay in the German edition by at least three months, the start of pre-orders has also been postponed. So a little rat's tail is attached to the "delay". Tierra del Fuego Games expects Frosthaven to be available in Germany in fall 2021. "Originally we wanted to start pre-ordering in January," says Tierra del Fuego. That will also be postponed by three months, “probably”, according to Tierra del Fuego. In any case, there shouldn't be that much time between pre-ordering and delivery, says the publisher.

Good equipment for brave heroes. Copyright: Cephalofair Games

Good equipment for brave heroes. Copyright: Cephalofair Games

"Right now, it's planned that our pre-order standard bundle will already contain the solo scenarios, the removable sticker set, and the content behind the 'X' envelope (found in Gloomhaven)," reads the announcement about the Frosthaven postponement. This is not important for everyone, but Tierra del Fuego can offer it cheaper for everyone.

In addition, the extras will probably not be available in regular stores. This is not finally certain, but is “at least not planned at the moment”. Tierra del Fuego wants to offer the remaining stocks from the pre-order campaign at future events.

Furthermore, Tierra del Fuego will optionally offer the following accessories in the pre-order: Wood sorting insert, probably from Broken Token, as well as metal coins, if available.


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