The release of Frosthaven has become a game of patience for fans. After a significant delay, however, everything seems to be on track, as the publisher Feuerland Spiele confirms on Facebook. 

A real hype had developed around Frosthaven due to its popular predecessor. The campaign was put on Kickstarter a record in the crowdfunding sector on. In Germany, too, the fans of Gloomhaven in particular are hot for the successor. Therefore, the announcement of the German version - again via Tierra del Fuego - was well received. Since then it has become comparatively quiet around the record board game. But now things are moving.

German version Frosthaven: Around 400 euros in stores

At the SPIEL'22 in Essen, Cephalofair Games had visitors test Frosthaven extensively. In this country, the first step is to wait for the pre-order campaign to start – and then for the release of the localized Frosthaven board game. So far it was unclear whether Tierra del Fuego games would be able to keep their scheduled dates. Now there is a glimmer of hope for fans: "We have just received our English review copy," writes the publisher, who previously also published Gloomhaven in German, on social media.

And the timeline is still there, like Tierra del Fuego writes games. Frosthaven should therefore be pre-ordered in the first quarter of 2023. However, the publisher has not narrowed down the start time more precisely. The delivery of the German version of Frosthaven should then begin in the fourth quarter of next year. The information remains vague, the wording ("We're still on schedule, [...]") at least leaves room for renewed delays.

In view of the continuing tense world situation, these can occur unexpectedly and surprisingly. The crisis has already made itself felt in the price of Frosthaven. Around 400 euros should the dungeon crawler cost regularly in stores. Fans are therefore particularly interested in the pre-order campaign, which allows them to save at least around 100 euros. The board game should then cost 300 euros. Despite the discount, that's a lot of money.


The publisher Feuerland Spiele shows the dimensions of the Frosthaven box in a size comparison. Photo: Tierra del Fuego Games/Facebook

Tierra del Fuego Games justifies the price with increased costs, among other things. Especially when it comes to translations. They are extensive, because Frosthaven is a text-heavy board game. About half a million words have to be localized. Even this item hurts in the calculation. Almost 70.000 euros are estimated for it.

But that's not all: Continued high transport costs, explosively increased prices for production and the weakening euro all contribute to pricing. Inflation not only hits the publishers, the waiting fans also have less money in their pockets for luxury goods due to the increased cost of living. An additionally raised recommended retail price could turn out to be a boomerang. Also in the longer term. Because: As with Gloomhaven, it is to be expected with Frosthaven that the sales price will remain relatively stable. The predecessor currently costs between 135 and 180 euros in retail – it was a little less at times, but Gloomhaven did not become a real bargain given the abundance of material.

price per kilo? Better calculate in price per scenario

It will be similar with Frosthaven. According to Tierra del Fuego, the board game weighs around 16 kilograms. The dungeon crawler costs just under 25 euros per kilogram. The balance is better if you choose the number of scenarios as a benchmark: According to Cephalofair Games, Frosthaven includes 100 of them. As a pre-order from Frosthaven, you pay three euros per scenario or four euros in regular stores. The publisher estimates 30 minutes per player as playing time - for rounds with up to four players, the price is more forgiving, at least in relation to the expected entertainment value.

For comparison: the Gloomhaven game box weighs around ten kilograms, which is around a third less. That alone shows how extensive the successor will be.

All those who did not participate in the Kickstarter campaign could still be annoyed because they had opted for the Tierra del Fuego version. Cephalofair Games initially stated around 100 US dollars, together with Gloomhaven the game package was available for around 285 US dollars. In retrospect, that's a real bargain. Albeit one that is by no means made for everyone. The more text-heavy a board game is in another language, the higher the barrier to entry.

Frosthaven is a dungeon crawler board game set in the universe of the 2017 release Gloomhaven and its spin-off Gloomhaven: Paws of the Lion. Players form a group of adventurers to experience a campaign together.

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