The strategic board game in ancient Aegyten, Kemet - Blood and Sand, has recently been exclusively available from Pegasus Spiele. The new edition of Kemet, which was released in 2012, has been completely revised by sales partner Frosted Games and offers not only a new artwork, but also improved rules of the game, larger miniatures and much more.

As Anubis, Bastet, Horus, Wadjet or Sobek, the players enter ancient Egypt at Kemet - Blood and Sand, where barren desert landscapes and the fertile Nile Delta lie side by side. As gods, they fight for power in Egypt. To do this, they let their troops compete mercilessly against each other and conjure up mythical creatures.

Kemet - Blood and Sand: Expert game for up to five strategists

During the day, the players each perform one of five possible actions one after the other. They can pray, build pyramids in their city to increase their power, recruit new soldiers or move their armies. If these armies face each other at any point during the day, a fight will ensue. This is largely controlled by cards in combination with the troop strength or the special creatures. During the night the players act nine administrative steps before the next day breaks and the bitter struggle continues.

Kemet - Blut und Sand by Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiaget is an expert game for two to five players from the age of twelve. In addition to an epic battle for rule in Egypt, players can expect a strategic battle for power and fame. In the new edition, not only the artwork and the map of Egypt have been redesigned, but also the 76 miniatures included. For an even more lively gaming experience, these are larger and more detailed in the new edition. In addition, the rules have also been completely revised so that the individual mechanisms relating to combat, prayer points and skill tokens are now even more closely interlinked.

The expansion Kemet: Book of the Dead appears at the same time as the base game. With the eponymous Book of the Dead, players have access to some of the most powerful skills that have ever existed in the Kemet universe. But this knowledge has its price and so units have to be sacrificed first. But the sweet scent of infinite power beguiles the gods, so that they gradually sacrifice more and more. In addition to two new gods, Thoth and Apophis, who can be conjured up as avatars by the game players, two new game elements also come into play: honor and perdition. Kemet: Book of the Dead offers even more variance and brings even more possibilities into play to gain control over the endless sea of ​​sands of Egypt.


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