After a few shifts it is now clear: The board game for Metal Gear Solid will not appear. The publishing house IDW had already stopped production in December. Still, there is at least a glimmer of hope for fans. The creator of the game, Emerson Matsuuchi, is now working with Nazca Games to buy the license from Konami in order to be able to publish an adaptation of the successful video game. 

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular video game franchises. The game first appeared in 1998 with a focus on stealth and action sequences. The offshoots of the series brought Konami several high ratings from critics and awards.

Metal Gear Solid board game could take a detour

Board game author Emerson Matsuuchi (including Reef and Century) planned to publish a board game on Metal Gear Solid in collaboration with IDW Games. You'd think that, given the license, that would go smoothly - it wasn't. The publisher has now discontinued the project.

Emerson Matsuuchi announced the bad news on Board Game Geek. The board game for Metal Gear Solid was discontinued by IDW Games as early as December 2020. The exact reasons are unclear, the author did not comment. So not only is the adaptation not looking very good - it is currently on hold. Sometimes this is due to the license that Matsuuchi would have to be able to use in order to bring the project to a conclusion.

So far this has not been successful. Masuuchi had even wanted to divert capital from his own publishing house, Nazca Games, in order to be able to cope with the final stage of the production of the board game on Metal Gear Solid via IDW Games. That was just as unsuccessful as the attempt to trigger the previous components at IDW. Nevertheless, the author does not give up: He now wants to acquire the license for Metal Gear Solid from Konami himself in order to be able to implement a board game adaptation.


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According to Masuuchi, there are no guarantees that the plan will work and that the board game will still be launched, but the author is optimistic.

In any case, the adaptation was not going well from the start. So initially there was a postponement from 2019 to summer 2020, then the game would be pushed back again - this time to the year 2021. The publisher IDW confirmed to Polygon that the game is on the home straight, but that it still needs some time Make changes.

Metal Gear Solid was to be a game for up to four players based on the debut of Hideo Kojima's Stealth franchise; a solo mode would also have been available as an option. Players would have tried together to infiltrate a nuclear weapons factory. Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh, among others, were available as characters. Each character could have drawn on their own set of skills in order to gradually bring a campaign to a successful conclusion. A highlight: There should be different ways to reach the goal. The price for the Metal Gear Solid board game should have been around $ 125.

Source: Polygon / BGG


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