The video game RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone, a tabletop-inspired character battler role-playing game from WIMO Games, will be released on January 18th as a mobile game for iOS and Android. The game mixes board game elements with those of a digital role-playing game.

In RPG Dice, games have to free the once peaceful village of Whitestone from the clutches of the Twilight Empire, whose army of orcs, elves and goblins has brought the city to its knees. You explore dungeons that are wandered through on cards similar to board games and roll the dice to determine the movement on the board. The fields trigger effects: grant equipment, lead to turn-based battles or advance players on a quest. Strategy, but also the luck of the dice with a D20, are the keys to success.

Triple A studio veterans at work

The mobile game is being developed by industry veterans who previously worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, GREE, Zynga and KingsIsle Entertainment.

Players build their group of adventurers from more than 60 heroes and then begin the adventure in the tabletop video game mix. The highlight: Man creates his group from different characters, each equipped with unique cubes. In the course of the game you can improve your dice, but also your skills and equipment.

Movement on the board ultimately offers more than just combat options: players meet NPCs on the tiles to start conversations with them that then advance the story of RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone. Other tiles have a direct influence on the quests or grant new epic loot. The blacksmith can equip heroes with better tools, while the greedy goblin steals the items needed to fight the Twilight Empire.

Players can already pre-register for the mobile game in Apple's App Store and Google Play to unlock rewards. The bonuses depend on the number of registrations: With enough advance registrations before the start, the orc warrior Thokrug will be unlocked.

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone will be available as a free download on January 18th in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android. So it is a free-2-play game that is financed through in-app purchases.

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