Card games are again one of the absolute trending topics in the games segment this year.A fact that is not only due to the modern and mostly complex trading card games. Classic card games such as canasta, rummy or mau-mau are still popular, while poker is a real evergreen anyway. The fact that card games are so popular is primarily due to their easy accessibility - both in terms of the rules and the platforms on which you can play free card games on the Internet. In the following article we take a look at the myth of card gaming and show why free card games wrongly enjoy a dubious reputation.

The myth of the card game

When you think of card games, you usually have one of two images in mind. Either children sit together with their parents at the kitchen table at home and spend entertaining moments playing a children's or family card game, or one thinks of a smoky backyard pub where a group of elderly gentlemen sit at their regulars' table to indulge in their favorite hobby - befitting one of them cool beer and with the cigarette butt in the corner of your mouth. Both scenarios come from reality, but are at the same time just two examples of the countless moments that one associates with good card games. The card game is ultimately more than just a game. It is a way of life that has one goal in the end: To bring people together at one table to spend time together. What is common in real life is now also part of everyday life on the Internet. Countless providers vie for the favor of ambitious online card players and offer card games free of charge. Thanks to high-performance mobile devices, it is now possible to play anytime and anywhere: free card games are booming

It is therefore hardly surprising that there are numerous myths surrounding card games and that playing with cards can look back on a long history. Card games originally emerged in East Asia, probably sometime in the 12th century. It was not until around two centuries later that the East Asian trend spilled over to Europe. While the Hundred Years' War was raging in France and the plague sought its victims in many places, people sat playing cards together in the late medieval taverns. In the 15th or 16th century the map sheets were created that we still know and love today. Well-known card games such as Pharo or Pikett were developed a short time later. Card games achieved a breakthrough in the 19th century in the course of industrialization. Card games have survived all crises in history, connected people and destroyed friendships. They made some poor and some rich. How emotionally charged card games can be was shown in early works of art, such as Adriaen Brouwer's card game fight. Every player associates his or her own personal experience with the card game. 

Free online card games: a seemingly endless choice

Free card games have become an integral part of the modern world of the Internet. Numerous providers lure with registration bonuses and new game ideas to attract online card players to their platform. Practical comparison portals then help prospective card players to keep an overview. Thanks to the large selection, every player can find exactly the card variant that suits them best. The offers range from real classics such as Doppelkopf, Skat or Canasta to fun variants in the style of a MauMau or quartet to strategically challenging card games such as Bridge or Rummy. If you are looking for certain free card games for the browser online, you will find what you are looking for.

Free card games: an ongoing trend

In addition to the variety, the visual presentation is increasingly an advantage of online card games. The implementation of browser games is becoming more and more appealing, which ultimately also benefits card games.

Instead of virtual cards with a rough pixel look, the digital variants often inspire with the loving design of the card sheet and playing field. In particular, the playing fields are regularly upgraded with animations so that everything comes up for the solo player on the home PC or smartphone, just no boredom. Popular card games for browser or app are also a real added value because the platform operators deliberately keep entry barriers low. While professionals work on optimizing their game strategy, newcomers are slowly introduced to new card game variants thanks to beginner-friendly explanations. Tutorials and practice games are ideal preparation for competitive games against other human players, which are a major part of the appeal of free card games on the Internet.

Strategic card games as a challenge

The fact that free card games are shallow fare falls into the realm of prejudice. This statement is already refuted by the fact that it is mainly the traditional card games that have developed into tournament play over the years. The 4-player card game Bridge, for example, is based on a cooperative and competitive concept at the same time. Due to the sophisticated game mechanics and tactical possibilities, bridge is not a game of chance, but is comparable to the game of chess, which is a variant of competitive sport. Professionals and beginners can Bridge online for free play, refine your game strategies and get to know a lot of new card players in the process. Other prominent titles among the browser or app card games are Canasta, Rummy, Jolly, Solitaire and Uno. In this country, Skat is one of the most popular card games. The fans too Play skat for free is therefore hardly surprising. The comparatively complex detailed rules of the game of Skat convey good online card game portals step by step and easily understandable. Otherwise, the following rule of thumb also applies to card games: Practice makes perfect.

Play card games for free: Casino feeling

Fans of classic casino games find their equivalents in popular card games such as poker or blackjack. Above all, the different variants of the poker game lure users around the globe to the virtual gaming tables and turn free card games into entertaining events that create a real casino feeling. Since online poker schools and TV formats such as Stefan Raab's Pokerstars Night have attracted many newcomers to the topic of poker, the number of users of the popular online platforms, on which poker can be played against other players from all over the world, has also increased. Language barriers are a thing of the past thanks to simple symbols: Poker is international.

Regardless of which online card game you ultimately choose, it doesn't just depend on victories or defeats, but on the fun factor that app or browser card games generate - even if winnings are extremely motivating. With this in mind: May you always have four aces up your sleeve.