Good news: Update 10.30 for Fortnite is here. The patch has just been applied to the server. The maintenance work began as early as 10 a.m. German time. Epic Games has also published the patch notes for Update 10.30. There are many small innovations, a new mode and even two new crack zones: Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove. Here are the most important new features of Fortnite Update 10.30.

Epic Games has released Fortnite Update 10.30 with two more Rift Zones: Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove. Both zones promise "interesting" encounters: when players crouch in Moisty Palms, they turn into an item. You will therefore encounter banging toilet bowls there more often in the future. In Greasy Grove, on the other hand, it's raining tacos from the sky.

These are the patch notes for Fortnite Update 10.30

In the morning, the Fortnite servers were unavailable for a few hours from 109 a.m.: Epic Games installed the latest update for the popular Battle Royale shooter during maintenance work. At the top of the list are the two Rift Zones already mentioned, Misty Palms and Greasy Grove, but that's not all: Limited Time Mode: Knock Town is a new mode that "AlanShinohara" created as part of the LTM Creator competition .

The card ended up among the top three ideas. Players swing around with their claws, dodging enemy projectiles and knocking out opponents with a single shot on their rocket pistols. Whoever gets the most eliminations wins! 

The highlight of Fortnite Patch 10.30 is certainly the crazy crack zone Moisty Palms, which Epic Games is introducing in a trailer:


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In addition to these highlights, the comprehensive Fortnite Update 10.30 brings many other innovations into play, including not only improvements in performance, but also numerous bug fixes.

Here are the patch notes 10.30 in detail (source: epic Games):

Weapons and objects

  • In the safe
    • Volley submachine gun
  • From the safe
    • Tactical submachine gun (now also available on the playground!)

Bug fixes

  • Players who are thrown away by a shockwave grenade will no longer destroy nearby traps if they do not also destroy the part of the building where the trap is attached. 
  • The information card of the zapper trap now shows the intended 4 stars (which symbolizes the epic degree of frequency) instead of just 2 stars (which symbolizes the unusual degree of frequency).
  • Fixed a bug where the zapper trap would not set up as intended when placed on a slope or uneven terrain.
  • The BEAST is now thrown away when it hits a cube on a floating island.
  • The BIEST's stomp attack now deals uniform damage to other vehicles. 
    • Previously, he did either double or triple damage to other vehicles.
  • The color of the BIEST's cooldown indicator will now properly update to reflect the actual cooldown.


  • Moisty Palms
    • The Rift Beacon in Paradise Palms has created this new location! In addition to its swampy nature, this crack zone is also known for being easy to hide here.
      • You can duck inside the crack zone to disguise yourself as a random object. Players can reveal themselves again by pressing the main shot button.
        • Players can still take damage while disguised as an object.
      • The aim button ensures that the player stays in place and is free to look for unsuspecting enemies.
  • greasy grove
    • A crack zone brought back Greasy Grove! This time, however, Durrr Burger is totally out of fashion - instead, tacos are all the rage!
    • Occasionally it rains spicy tacos from the sky. Their smell is so irresistibly delicious that players in the zone just can't help but dance! 
      • While dancing, players take no damage from other players and restore stamina at 20 per second.
        • However, dancing does not prevent damage caused by the storm and does not restore stamina in the storm.
    • Spicy tacos can be consumed to restore 10 effective stamina ("green stamina" + shield) and to increase movement speed by 20% for 40 seconds.
      • The spicy tacos don't stay on the floor long - so grab them before they go bad!
  • Community decision
    • Players can vote on what appears in the item shop!
    • The first community decision will take place this week. For more information on the community decision, you can take a look at this Blog-Post toss.

Bug fixes

  • Locations no longer load over different distances depending on the angle from which you are approaching them.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused players to enter edit mode for a part of a building even though its pointer was not pointing at it. 
  • Resuscitating a team member no longer causes the resuscitant to lose connection.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to damage each other in the playground center.


  • The performance when colliding with the shield bladder has been improved.

Graphics and animations

  • When players are against a wall, they will now lower the weapon in their inactive pose.
    • This is to prevent characters' hands from being seen through walls.

Bug fixes

  • The color of the laces of the “Jets 2019-2020 NFL” outfit has been changed from white to green to more closely match the real jersey.
  • The “floral print” paintwork is no longer displayed incorrectly on assault rifles and sniper rifles.
  • Causing damage to a tree no longer places rock texture on the leaves, nor does it make the wood texture transparent.


  • The volume when a team member opens and closes a hang glider has been reduced by 50%.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the battle bus sounds to be mute for a short time.

user interface

Bug fixes

  • Sending feedback during a replay no longer causes players to get stuck in the player report or feedback menu.
  • Eliminating another player with a Scrap Rift Triceratops will now indicate in the elimination messages that they were sent to the Cretaceous Period. 
    • Previously, the elimination news said he had been sent back to prehistoric times. However, the Triceratops only lived during the Cretaceous Period. We apologize for this colossal inaccuracy.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented mouse control from working properly during some iterations.
  • The message “Maximum carrying capacity of this item reached” no longer appears when a player approaches ammunition in one replay. 

mobile devices

  • New settings
    • Build and edit
      • Players can now adjust touch sensitivity for both building and editing.
    • Toggle targets 
      • Determines whether aiming can be switched on and off, or whether you aim with the button pressed.
        • When this option is disabled, players must hold down the Aim button to aim. 
          • This setting is enabled by default.
      • The setting "Switch targets" now also includes touch and controller on mobile devices.
    • Confirm processing when releasing it
      • This setting allows players to confirm an edit as soon as they release their edit selection.
    • Touch acceleration multiplier 
      • A value of 1 corresponds to full touch acceleration when looking around. A value of 0, on the other hand, does not correspond to touch acceleration when looking around. 
      • This is not to be confused with sensitivity. A lower value does not necessarily mean a slower looking speed.
  • New button
    • "Reset editing selection" button
      • This button is in the HUD layout tool.
      • This can be used to reset the processing status of parts of the building when their processing is opened.
  • A frame rate of 60 is now supported on iPhone X.
  • The crosshair on auto fire has been updated to make it easier to see on some surfaces.
  • Adjusted the automatic firing of the drum shotgun and tactical shotgun.
    • The maximum range of automatic fire has been adjusted to match the effective range of the projectiles.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to fire automatically after placing a trap.
  • Vending machines no longer give out the wrong item when operated via touch input.
    • Known Issue: Players using the pickup button may still get the wrong item. We are already working on a solution.
  • The team elimination counter now shows the correct number of eliminations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a chest northeast of the frozen lake in Greasy Grove from opening.
  • Incorrectly labeled BIEST buttons on the HUD have been corrected.
  • Using emotes in a BIEST no longer mutes all noises and no longer leads to game crashes.
  • Closing the settings menu while scrolling no longer ensures that scrolling is no longer possible when the menu is opened again.
  • The maximum possible audio volume on Android has been increased.
  • Sound effects will now play when shots are fired with the Assault Scout Sniper Rifle, Green Assault Rifle, Silenced Pistol, and Hand Cannon.
  • The quick heal button no longer stays on the screen after using the last healing item in the storm. It no longer disappears when the storm is entered.
  • The word on World Cup trophies can now be seen on less powerful devices.
  • Pink tiles will no longer appear on the Fire Mode screen on Android.
  • In the group wedges, quick bar entries are no longer blocked by the goal and elimination counters.
  • We made some graphics and audio changes to the following things:
    • Battle bus
    • "Synapse" outfit
    • "BIEST pilot" outfit
    • "Light stick" harvesting tool
    • "Graffiti roller" harvesting tool
    • "Axteroni" harvesting tool 
    • "Sparkle Master" outfit 
    • "Laser hoe" harvesting tool 
    • "Kleblutscher" harvesting tool 
    • "Patriot Ranger" outfit 
    • "Freestyler" outfit (during emote animations)
    • "Rift Blade" harvesting tool 
    • "Shifu" outfit 
    • "Dynamo" outfit 
    • The “AC / DC” harvesting tool now plays the intended sound effects in the locker.
    • The "Detonator" back accessory will now appear on the back of players who have equipped it.
    • The track of the pickaxe "Mangle" is now shown.


  • Change from the hotfix from September 5th
    • Some balance adjustments have been made. The details of these adjustments are in our blog post to find.
  • Change from the hotfix from September 6th
    • Team member arrow markers no longer disappear in major team modes when team members are still visible. 
  • Change from the hotfix from September 6th
    • Ziplines have been temporarily disabled to resolve a bug.
      • We are working on eliminating this problem with the next update. 

Dark Legend Bundle: Dataminder discover new skins

The news about Fortnite does not stop there. The new update package with the Dark Legend skins also seems to have been leaked.

Fortnite brings Epic Games record sales: it was three billion US dollars in 2018. Image: Epic Games

Fortnite brings Epic Games record sales: it was three billion US dollars in 2018. Image: Epic Games

And yes: the skins actually look pretty cool. Dataminer are said to have discovered the new cosmetic items in the Fortnite program code. According to the possible leak, the Dark Legend skins are based on known items, only in a "dark variant".

Which items will actually make it into the Fortnite shop remains to be seen - but Epic Games won't keep fans fidgeting for long. 

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