Fortnite Season 2 is being extended, developer Epic Games recently announced. Actually, the second season should only run until the end of the month, now the following applies: Players can enjoy the season extension until June 4th. That is when Season 3 of the second chapter of the successful Battle Royale shooter begins.

It's more of a small extension that Epic Games fans at Fortnite. The second season of the battle royale shooter runs several weeks longer - and then follows directly on to the following season. At the same time, the date for the beginning of Season 3 of Fortnite has already been set. The starting shot should be given on June 4th, at least that's Epic Games' plan.  

Fortnite: New Gameplay Options and Bonus XP

With the second season of the second chapter stretching out for a few extra weeks, players probably want to be entertained as well. Epic Games delivers accordingly and announces “a lot of new content in the current season”, i.e. for Season 2 of Fortnite. 
The developers have prepared various game updates for this, including new gameplay options, challenges and bonus experience, but also some surprises. Season 2 is already well received by players and relies on a comic crossover. Among other things, fans with an active Battle Pass could unlock Deadpool's skins by completing challenges. 

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Season two extension is not a one-time device by Epic Games. The developers had already worked with extended runtimes beforehand, for example in the first season of the second chapter when the end of December was pushed back to February. However, that was not to the detriment of the players: During this time, Epic celebrated several events in Fortnite, such as Star Wars or Harley Quinn.
The now announced extension of Season 2 means very pragmatically for players: They have more time to unlock the current content.

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