Since the game update v.8.10, players on the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite can no longer play with players on PS4 and Xbox One. Instead, they are now playing against or against Fortnite mobile users.

Switch and mobile players in one round

Perhaps many a player on the Nintendo Switch was surprised while playing Fortnite, because since patch v8.10 it is no longer possible to play together with PS4 and Xbox One users.

Epic Games said that Switch users are now being thrown together with mobile gamers, promising a better gaming experience. The decision was made because the switch version of the online shooter had to struggle with performance problems and a limitation to 30 fps. Which meant that Switch users couldn't keep up with those who play on a PS4 or Xbox One. Because players who use a more powerful console caused more damage due to higher fire rates.

Now, however, the question arises whether it is even fair to bring switch players and mobile gamers together, because the users of Nintendo's console are ahead of the game thanks to the more pleasant control method.

What do you think of the new system?

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