Every era ends at some point. For Fortnite, “The End” has now come. Thousands of players sit in front of the screens around the world. You want to play. However, all you see is a black screen. Since Sunday evening, a black hole can be seen exactly where up to 250 million shooter fans could previously gamble against each other. It is of course not a technical defect. Fortnite is currently down because Epic Games wants it too - the masters of marketing are preparing the launch of new content.

For die-hard Fortnite fans, Sunday evening should have been a moderate disaster. All of a sudden the screen went black, then nothing worked. Epic Games probably ushered in the end of the current season with a “Big Bang”.

Fortnite ends season 10 with a big bang

The tenth season of Fortnite ended with a surprising event. Millions of players worldwide were taken by surprise by the abrupt end, that is this form only Epic Games can bring about. Impossible to log in, the official Twitter account only announced “The End”. From then on nothing reigned. Fortnite has been attracting gigantic numbers of players to the virtual arenas since 2017. If you want to go to the official Fortnite website, you land on the Twitch channel. There around 50.000 spectators look at nothingness and a wreath of blue light.

This is no coincidence, no server down at Fortnite - it is a well-planned event that players who were logged in at the time of the “catastrophe” could experience live. They just experienced that end of a world. Now everyone is waiting eagerly for a new beginning. 

Fortnite fans are facing a bleak future - at least at times. Copyright: Epic Games

Fortnite fans are facing a bleak future - at least at times. Copyright: Epic Games

Epic Games is probably preparing the release of new content and thus a new update in full swing. When the time will come and the game will be available to Fortnite fans again is uncertain. Fortnite can still be started, but players can no longer enter Battle Royale mode, and error messages are displayed in the lobby.

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A few days ago, leaks indicated new content, including a new map. The makers regularly give hints and keep the rumor mill simmering with scraps of information. The most important message for players in the meantime from “Ask Playstation”: Items and V-Bucks are safe during the Fortnite Blackout.

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