Forgotten Waters, the new board game by the "Winter of the Dead" makers from the Crossroads series, has been postponed indefinitely, at least in retail. The board game with a pirate setting should actually be available in the shops from April 10th, but Plaid Hat Games was unable to keep this date due to the effects of the corona pandemic. There is currently no exact release date for retailers, some online shops are specifying October 2020 as the release period for the German version of Forgotten Waters, which Asmodee Germany is responsible for localizing.

The pirate adventure with app support will be next work from the Crossroads series and comes from the creators of the horror board game “Winter of the Dead”. The app is required for the game, but Plaid Hat Games had already responded to requests from fans and is working on releasing a PDF print version of the digital content for players who prefer a purely analog gaming experience.

Forgotten Waters: Pirate Adventure with App Support

As crew members of a pirate ship, players set off together at Forgotten Waters to experience adventures. The latest game in the Crossroads series works with decisions that will affect the course of the game. For the first time, Forgotten Waters will run a crossroads game with software support.


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Forgotten Waters could well be called Hybrid game although, according to Plaid Hat Games, the concept would also work without using the app. The disadvantages, however, would be noticeably higher production costs and the lack of atmospheric accessories, such as the presentation of the background story through audio recordings. In addition, the authors have the opportunity to subsequently implement new content, such as adventure scenarios.

According to Plaid Hat Games, fans should not be afraid that the app will be discontinued and Forgotten Waters could become “unplayable”. The plan is to support the game in the long term and if support is discontinued, at least the program code of the app would be made publicly available.

The Forgotten Waters app runs on the Internet browser. Image: Plaid Hat Games (Youtube)

The Forgotten Waters app runs on the Internet browser. Image: Plaid Hat Games (Youtube)

With the postponement as a commodity from Forgotten Waters due to the Corona crisis, players now have to wait a little longer before they can set sail. When exactly the pirate adventure game will appear is uncertain. Plaid Hat Games has not yet given any precise details. The board game can be purchased directly from the publisher's online shop.

Plaid Hat Games is aware of the tense situation in the area of ​​local game shops, as well as the fact that some players are now purchasing Forgotten Waters directly from the publisher and not from retailers. The makers offer fans an alternative: buyers can send the publisher the address of the game shop and then support the retailer with a check for twelve US dollars.

Asmodee Germany will launch the German version of Forgotten Waters, probably in autumn 2020. There is therefore enough time for localization, despite the ongoing corona pandemic. The pirate board game will cost around 54 euros.

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