In the Epic Store, free PC games are being given away again - and this time the offer could even attract one or the other board player in front of the screen. The next wave of free games will be available from February 6th. Players then have a week to secure the titles and connect them to their shop accounts. The Farming Simulator 2019 will then follow Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Pandemic.

One can speak of classics when it comes to the three digital parlor games: video game board players - and vice versa - can look forward to the new package that the Epic Games Store has put together for them. With Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Pandemic board games are available free of charge, which already provide a lot of fun in their "analogue variants". Even if it is not a question of complex expert games, you can take the title with you for free without hesitation. 

Digital board games for free on the Epic Games Store

Starting February 6th, players will have a week to grab the three full PC versions. All you need is an account in the Epic Games Store. There is no catch to the matter: if you have linked the games to your user account, you can then have unlimited access to the titles. 

Ticket to Ride is the digital adaptation of the popular railroad-themed board game for which Days of Wonder is responsible. As in the original version, the game is about building a railroad network to connect different locations in this way. The second free game is Pandemic, a strategy title in which players as a member of a special team try to prevent the spread of epidemics. 

The third and final free board game title on the Epic Games Store is the classic Carcassonne. The placement game then comes in a 3D look, but plays like the analog template. The grandiose gameplay, which still has countless fans today, is unchanged in the PC version. In addition, Carcassonne can also be played alone against the AI. 

All three titles are full board games - and not something Hybrid games - which have been implemented as video game variants. The optics, rules and procedures correspond almost 1: 1 to the templates.

All three digital board games will be available after the Farming Simulator 2019, which is currently still available free of charge in the Epic Games Store. The concept of the online shop is well received. So good that Epic will continue to distribute free games to users on a regular basis this year. In the meantime, the campaign has established itself: in the past year there were always game gifts in the competing shop for Steam and Co.

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