SciFi fans watch out! FantasyFlightGames strikes again, again with a well-known brand from the gaming universe. PC and console gamers should already be familiar with the XCOM range. The last offshoot XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the associated add-on already put tactics fans in a good mood. Now board players can also enjoy the strategic alien hunt.

Board games like on the PC

If you are new to the XCOM series and have a PC or console, you should not miss the exciting game, as a way to get in the mood for the board game or to bridge the waiting time.

The board game is based on the template XCOM: Enemy Unknown underlying. Aliens are attacking the earth and a brave troop of special forces has the honorable task of repelling this attack. Not an easy task and can only be mastered cooperatively in the board game. XCOM - The Board Game therefore also relies on modern, cooperative content that is currently popular anyway and inspires numerous board players.

The PC game XCOM appears as a board game.

The special feature of XCOM - The Board Game is the integration of a digital app. So the SciFi feeling also comes up on the board game table. The app acts as a central game element without which the board game cannot be played. Since the majority of board game fans now also play digitally, this combination is as welcome as it is welcome. XCOM - The Board Game skilfully bridges the gap between classic board games and digital modernity. Thus, XCOM - The Board Game is a real novelty in the board game sector.

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