Flash Gordon, the cult film from the eighties, is celebrating its 40th birthday. Then as now: Either you like the naive flick for which Sam S. Jones “won” a Golden Raspberry, or you switch off as soon as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury starts to sing the title. Either way, Flash Gordon is back, but this time as a card game.

The Warcradle Studios have solemnly announced with a ten-line that they want to publish a card game based on the iconic space opera from 1980. The appropriate subtitle: “Death to Ming!”. The death thus goes to the villain that Max von Sydow - hidden behind several kilograms of make-up - embodied in the film. The role of the emperor is certainly not one of the greatest roles of the Swedish actor, but at least one of those with a special recognition value.

Happy Birthday, dear Flash!

It's been 40 years since Flash Gordon first hit the screen. The Warcradle Studios want to celebrate these cinematic fireworks from back then with the adaptation as a card game. The football player, who became an intergalactic superhero almost overnight, is of course the main character, but players should also be able to slip into the roles of villains.

The look of the card game is based - whether you like it or not - on the look of the film. For this, the Warcradle Studios use high-resolution images from the cinema strip. The card game is a classic duel between two players. In the first description, which has been poor so far, it says that players could put together an individualized deck of cards from weapons and skills, of course, based on the iconic heroes and villains.

If you can't do anything with Flash Gordon, here is the official trailer for the cult film. Take a look at your own risk:


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The location of the card-based battle will be Ming's throne room, which fans have already seen - or had to see - in the film. What heroes and villains in Flash Gordon: Death to Ming! will be available is not yet known.

It is not the first game title to focus on the blonde hero, but the last board games for the comic book hero Flash Gordon appeared many, many years ago - there are no modern adaptations of the material, except as a tabletop RPG. The Flash Gordon card game is expected to be released in spring 2021.

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