Many a discovery at Gamescom 2019 comes as a surprise, including this one. The board game Flügelschlag will be implemented as an app version - initially for Apple's iOS and for PC Steam. The adaptation is being developed by the Polish indie development studio Monster Couch. The developers already had the first executable alpha version in their luggage at Gamescom 2019.

For the current one Expert game of the year, Elizabeth Hargrave's wing flap, is a digital adaptation. First of all, Apple disciples and PC gamers are allowed to set out to lure exotic bird species into their territory. Implementations for other platforms are to follow later. “We are also planning an Android version,” reveals Marek Rutkowski from the Polish indie developer studio Monster Couch. It is still uncertain when the app will appear on the market. Rutkowski cautiously names the first quarter of 2020 as the release date. 

Wings flap as an executable version at Gamescom

The Polish developers have already presented an executable alpha version at Gamescom 2019. A closed alpha is planned for October or November. The game has been adapted to the digital worlds almost unchanged: The aim is still to skillfully generate and use resources in order to attract bird species, generate synergies and skillfully use them. 

This motivating principle also remains unchanged on the screen. Only the presentation is even more attractive at first glance than the already grandiose look of the board game template thanks to audio-visual effects. “We will use the original bird calls of the individual species”, says Marek Rutkowski from Monster Couch happily. This enhances the entire game enormously, because sound effects - especially those that are atmospherically coherent - naturally did not exist in the board game.

The look of the adaptation is in no way inferior to the original. Image: Monster Couch

The look of the adaptation is in no way inferior to the original. Image: Monster Couch

The wing flap app also seems to implement the basically simple game principle, which works with a steep learning curve. The first impression promises a similarly good feel as with the template. Players shouldn't expect big surprises for the adaptation: the flapping of the wings remains in the digital version Flapping wings

When asked whether a digital extension with European bird species will appear in the future, Marek Rutkowski replies with a smile: “We are implementing all official extensions.” The rumor that wing flaps will be expanded to include new bird species or that a new variant with European birds will be launched on the market persists - and the developer's reaction at least suggests that such extensions were at least more than incidentally discussed.

According to the developer, it will be published "in the next few months", possibly in the first quarter of 2020.

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