Elizabeth Hargrave's best-selling board game Wings is getting its third expansion - and it's expected to be later this year. As Stonemaier Games announces, the "Wingspan Asia Expansion" will be released in the fourth quarter. Until then, one would like to show a bird from the new Wingbeat expansion every month.

The engine builder Wingbeat has proven to be a bestseller. Accordingly, the fun of playing the basic title has already been extended with two expansions - now birds from Asia should provide new motivation to bring the board game back to the table. The "Asia Expansion" is the third expansion after Europe and Oceania.

Wingbeat: Asia expansion in the fourth quarter of 2022

Author Elizabeth Hargraves has taken on another continent to expand wings. So far, it is unclear which new animals will find their way into the board game. So far only one bird is known: the blue peacock. Until the planned release of the new wing beat extension in the fourth quarter of 2022, it should not stop there. Stonemaier Games has already announced that it intends to present birds from the Asia expansion every month - but then via the publisher's own newsletter, for which you can register free of charge.

The concept of the basic game is also retained with the new expansion: Wingbeat is a board game for up to five players - you can also choose to play alone in a solo mode. It's all about attracting different birds to their habitats to earn points. The board game works with an "engine" - you can create interconnected combos that drive up the score. Active players can carry out various actions on their turn: take bird cards, place eggs or settle birds in the life areas - the latter only works if the appropriate conditions have been created for this. Thus, a sufficient amount of food must be available based on the game's dice mechanics.

Round after round, it's all about fulfilling game goals, including secret ones. In the end, whoever has the most points from their account wins.

Flugelschlag by the author Elizabeth Hargraves was published in a German language version by the publisher Feuerland Spiele and was not only popular with fans and critics because of the optics. The title was given in 2019 the award "Kennerspiel des Jahres" and was later expanded to include birds from Oceania and the Euro. The board game has proven to be a top title for the publisher Stonemaier Games - it is not the only one in the portfolio: Board games such as Viticulture and Scythe were also enthusiastically received. Elizabeth Hargraves has remained true to the animal theme even after the success of Wingbeat: Among other things, Mariposas, a board game about monarch butterflies, was released.

The Asia expansion for Wing Beat is scheduled for release in Q2022 XNUMX. An exact release date is just as little fixed as the sales price.

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Tierra del Fuego Games 31000 Oceania Expansion Tierra del Fuego Games 31000 Oceania Expansion * 23,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Tierra del Fuego Games 63563 Europe expansion Tierra del Fuego Games 63563 Europe expansion * 23,99 EUR


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