Starting September 17th, fans of Elizabeth Hargrave's engine builder Wing Flap will also be able to look after the species, food and habitats of various birds on the PC. The video game adaptation will then appear first for Valve's gaming platform Steam and later also for Nintendo Switch. But that's not all: the Wingspan original soundtrack by the Polish composer Paweł Górniak will also be available from this day.

As a Award winning board game and meanwhile expanded to include new bird species, the work is now also flapping on the PC and console. Flügelschlag is available from September 17th, German language is available on Steam. The version for Nintendo Switch - the option to take the game with you in handheld mode should be particularly exciting - will be released at a later date, not yet specified.

"Flying digital" is still wing

The digital adaptation remains true to the roots of the board game: Alone or competitively with up to five ornithologists, the aim is to build a protected area in which different bird species make their home. The players determine the colonization strategy, the size and diversity of the population and even the number of eggs the birds lay - while learning a thing or two about their feathered protégés.

If you can't imagine a digital version of flapping, a release trailer gave you first impressions:

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As the manager of a nature reserve, it is the player's task, as is well known, to build up the refuge for many different bird species: Each bird can build a chain of strong combinations in one of the three habitats forest, marsh and grassland ("engine building") - and each habitat plays while expanding of the nature reserve plays a special role.

The main features of the digital Wingspan do not change from the "analogue version". It is still a card-driven strategy game for one to five players - Wingbeat can also be played on the PC in a solo mode or as a multiplayer title, the latter also online. A clear advantage of the adaptation compared to the board game should be the implemented sounds, which breathe life into the birds and the game with it atmosphere.

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