A round of flapping wings is always possible, not only on the gaming table, but now also in digital format. With the release of the Oceania expansion, the developers at Monster Couch are providing new motivation. 

With a new trailer, Monster Couch announces the Oceania expansion for the digital adaptation of the best-selling board game Wings. As the name suggests, it is about the wildlife of Oceania. And it will be colourful. The island world of the Pacific around the Australian continent is as diverse as it is colourful.

Wing Beat: Oceania brings 95 new birds

The announced expansion for the Wingbeat digital board game includes 95 additional bird cards, all of which are inspired by the bird life of countries such as Australia, New Zealand or the Polynesian Islands. The kookaburra will be found as well as the sulphur-crested cockatiel. For fans it means one thing above all: a supply of colorful bird species. 

The new maps are not the only central part of the Oceania expansion. With the nectar, another resource is introduced into the game. This can be used as well as alternative player boards.

The digital expansion follows the board game version of Oceania, which was released in 2020 as the second expansion for Wings. Stonemaier Games and in this country Tierra del Fuego games with Europe had previously launched the first expansion of the successful title Elizabeth Hargrave. This content is also already available in digital form. 

The expansion introduced nectar as a new type of food that players needed to gather as a resource to attract special birds like the Korimako to their respective habitats. Bird cards can also give players access to nectar, which they can then use to obtain other bird cards. Wingbeat has been expanded to include a meaningful combination level. 

No less relevant as a novelty were the player boards, which fans could use in the starter version of the board game to access additional habitats. Of course, this is linked to additional scoring opportunities. 

Wingbeat thus also follows the path of the template as a digital board game, albeit with a significant time lag. In the video game, too, players slip into the roles of ornithologists trying to colonize different species of birds in different habitats. There are four laps left for this. At the end, the player with the most points wins 

The principle of the game remains the same, but the presentation of "Fuelschlag Digital" is far more appealing: animations, a relaxing soundtrack, and original bird calls ensure more immersion. The video game can be played alone against the artificial intelligence or as part of a multiplayer mode - locally or online. 

There is no release date for the Oceania expansion for the digital game version of Wings yet. "Soon" is what the trailer says. The expansion will be released for PC Steam and via GOG, for the app versions for iOS and Android as well as for Nintendo Switch and Xbox.


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