The digital implementation of the successful board game Flügelschlag will be available for Nintendo Switch in spring 2020. Fans will also be able to play the adaptation on the PC, then via Valve's platform Steam. Right there is now a demo of wing flap available. Everyone can try out for free whether they like the digital version of the board game. 

The developers of the Polish studio Monster Couch already had an early, but executable version of "Wingspan”In the luggage. Now there is also a demo for the digital board game. It won't appear at some point, but is now playable on Steam.

Wings flap: digital board game comes from Monster Couch

The board game, originally published by Stonemaier Games, is localized for the German-speaking market by Tierra del Fuego games. The digital adaptation of wing flap - in this country the board game by Elizabeth Hargrave was called Expert game of the year excellent - is based closely on the template in terms of the playful concept.

The indie studio Monster Couch offers players the opportunity to try out Flugelschlag as a digital board game for free as part of a demo. Two rounds of the tutorial and two further game rounds are available. That's enough to get a first impression of the adaptation. Little changes in terms of play, but quite a few changes in terms of presentation. In addition to animations, the bird calls in particular are a clear plus of the digital version compared to the “silent” template. Basically, anyone who likes flapping the wings as a board game and is not averse to digital implementation will like the version.

A plus of the digital version are the animations. Image: Monster Couch

A plus of the digital version are the animations. Image: Monster Couch

Wing Flap is an engine builder for one to five players. Rare bird species have to be settled in different habitats and, if possible, play out combination chains. At the same time, ornithologists have to find the right balance between types of food, eggs and species.

With the implementation, perhaps one of the best board games of the past few years will find its way into the digital world. The demo round teaches players the basic mechanics of the game, which they can then try out in two further real game rounds. the Demo will be available until May 18th.

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