After persistent heavy rain, the situation came to a head on Wednesday: large parts of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia were flooded. The district of Ahrweiler was hit particularly hard - this is exactly where Alexander Petkovski's new game store “Brettspielheld” is located. Influencer have now started a fundraising campaign.

On Website of the game store Brettspielheld time stands still: “Current status: Regularly open”, it says there. However, nothing is running regularly in Ahrweiler at the moment. Only today did the police report over 360 injured people, the number could even increase - there are also missing people: around 1.300, according to the district administration. The death toll in the Ahrweiler district has even risen to 65.

Floods simply wash away livelihoods

The situation in the Ahrweiler district is dramatic. Those who remained unharmed are now struggling with the consequences of the flood disaster. It was historic, those affected will not care. It is enough for you that this severe weather event even happened. The plans of so many dealers were mixed up, among them the shop “Brettspielheld”.

The renovation had been carried out since July 1st and reported on July 11th that the shelves were “temporarily filled” - for a Sunday shopping. Another message: “We are in good spirits to be able to open next Saturday,” says the board game store's Facebook page. That should be tomorrow, July 17th. It would have worked, had it not been for the flood that flooded the street in Ahrweiler where Alexander Petkovski had rented his shop.

The owner probably already suspected the catastrophe. Late on Wednesday evening he wrote on Facebook that the store and house had been secured. The flood of the century will also hit the city center. Then on Thursday morning the frightening update: the house and shop are several centimeters under water. The shop had to close for the time being.

Now the tidying up is in progress - and the “board game hero” doesn't let himself get down. “We will only find out in the next few days whether and when it will continue,” it said. But also: “Corona did not ruin us, we will survive the situation and come back with an even nicer shop and an even better selection”.

The board game scene itself could support this. Three influencers have one Fundraiser started to help the “board game hero”: collect “Better Board Games”, “Get on Board” and “Brettspielbox”. It is “completely uncomplicated”, says the board game box.

It is not the first time that the scene has given support to the scene. The Hunter & Friends “Berlin Con” was last saved by crowdfunding. This raised over 45.000 euros.

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