With the family game Welcome to and the connoisseur game Welcome to the Moon, Pegasus Spiele is releasing two titles from the popular Welcome to series. In the Flip & Write games, players set up a residential area in 1950s USA and are part of a lunar mission in search of a new home for the earth's population. Both games are already available

In the Flip & Write game Welcome to (your perfect home), up to 100 players can become architects themselves. To do this, they slip into the role of construction supervisors who are tasked with building a swanky new residential area amidst the economic growth in the USA in the 1950s.

Play as architects

Everyone has the same requirements and a game sheet with the same three streets in front of them. In each round, three combinations of cards are revealed, from which everyone must choose one. The selected house number must be entered on a suitable building site, i.e. always increasing in each street. The associated action may optionally also be carried out. The players can build fences, parks and pools, implement value-enhancing marketing measures or even build an extra house with the same house number. Whoever was able to best implement the three requirements during the course of the game and at the same time build the most magnificent residential area will be able to make a name for themselves in the construction industry and win the game.

Welcome to by Benoit Turpin not only offers fun for large and small groups, but also challenges solo players from the age of ten to keep improving their own score. Constantly changing card combinations and numerous default cards, of which there are exactly three in each game of the family game, provide extra variety. Advanced and experts can also look forward to challenging variations. Welcome to is expected to appear in July.

Welcome to the Moon is already available. Thanks to erasable game boards, up to six people aged ten and up can travel to the moon in the flip & write game at expert level in order to create a new home for the world's population threatened with extinction. While the basic Welcome to game principle - selecting a number-action combination - remains the same, eight different adventures await. The players can experience these either independently or as a campaign including the accompanying campaign booklet. Whichever mode you choose, each part of the journey introduces its own game plan with new challenges - from launching the rocket, to landing on the moon, building a settlement, to the unpredictability that a lunar mission entails.

Each adventure has its own detailed rules for the six actions (robot, water, plant, energy, space suit and planning) as well as its own mission goals. Welcome to the Moon by Benoit Turpin and Alexis Allard is a cosmic adventure in which the person best able to master the challenges of space will win.

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