The Jommeke comic has been delighting its Flemish readers since the mid-2011s. Initially only intended as an insert in a weekly newspaper, the comic by artist Jef Nys soon enjoyed a large fan community. The start of the comic series Jommeke, which is still read enthusiastically today, was made. Just a few years later, the German-speaking world would also be able to enjoy the lovable, blonde-haired comic hero under the title "Peter und Alexander", but his visit was not to last. Since 017, Jommeke has been experiencing a German-language revival under its original name and with the help of stainlessArt ComicVerlag from Aachen. This is also the case in comic book number XNUMX "The Adventures of Jommeke - The Kovonitas", which we will take a look at in this performance for you.

The adventures of Jommeke and his friends are aimed at children from the age of six, but adults have also always been regular readers. Just like you are used to from other comic greats, such as Spirou, Fantasio and the Marsupilami. In the stories about the blond boy with his funny straw hairstyle, many exciting adventures are told. The focus is particularly on social values ​​such as friendship, family, helpfulness and honesty.

Jommeke offers non-violent suspense 

Each of the comics is completely non-violent and is intended to convey self-confidence to children in addition to social understanding. The stories build on each other as a series, but are self-contained and can therefore also be read in reverse order. This makes it easy to get started in the comic series. The origin of the Jommeke adventures lies in the hands of the Belgian comic artist and author Jef Nys. In 2005 he received the Golden Adhemar for his work at the popular comic festival in Turnhout, Belgium. The artist died in 2009 and left future comic books in the series to a team of artists.

Jommeke comic review

The blond boy Jommeke experiences adventures - sometimes with a message. Photo: Volkman

Jommeke and his friends are Jommeke, a blond boy with a distinctive pot cut and a blue sweater vest, who solves every exciting case and is always willing to help those around him, his animal and best friend Flip the talking parrot, who is always by his side and fools many a crook, his friend Filiberke, who can transform himself into great things in his imagination, such as a rain cloud, and is accompanied by a sniffy poodle named Pekkie and the twins Annemieke and Rozemieke, who are witty and brave and hate any arguments know how to mediate between the two boys. Not to forget her little monkey, Choco, whose name is no coincidence.

In the story of the comic book Jommeke the Kovonitas, the twins Annemieke and Rozemieke and another pair of twins have disappeared. If the search remains unsuccessful at first, they appear a little later, together with the queen of Unterland, as a pop girl band that knows how to conquer the charts worldwide. As if that wasn't crazy enough, the girls, buoyed by their success, seem to lose their grip on reality. One thing seems certain: the Queen of Underland somehow made the twins docile. Can Jommeke and Filiberke free their friends and the other set of twins from the queen's hands?

A comic reminiscent of well-known heroes

When leafing through the magazine for the first time, it is noticeable that the comic on its 48 pages is not only aimed at the youngest readers. Squeaky colored and filled with appealing drawings, the cover and the panels shine towards us. Despite this, the areas appear tidy and show pictorially what is in the well-written speech bubbles, so that even children with little reading skills can understand what the story about Die Konvonitas wants to tell. In this way, children can easily establish a connection between the written text and the painted picture, while at the same time reading aloud is not absolutely necessary due to the consistent representation. Experienced readers and adults, on the other hand, are offered an adventure with a high proportion of text fields that have been printed in a clearly legible font size. That brings joy.

Jommeke comic review

The stories are self-contained, making it easy to get started. Photo: Volkman

Since Jommeke adventures are self-contained, we have no problem starting with Volume 17. The cover leads us in a simple way into contact with the main characters. In addition to small pictures showing the protagonists, there is also a short description. If characters have already appeared in previous volumes and have a history that could be exciting for the reader, he will find a comment at the end of the page with a reference to the appropriate issue number. For example, Volume 14 could give us even more details about the Queen of Underland.

The style of the drawings appeals to us. It is rich in detail, but not too overloaded, and is reminiscent of other popular Belgian comics such as Suske and Wiske or Gaston Lagaffe. The story is easy to read and told in a modern way. It is non-violent, but still exciting and sometimes told with cheeky vocabulary that never goes too far or even seems vulgar. Big and small readers alike get their money's worth here. If you like comics and feel comfortable between Tintin, Lucky Luke and Mickey Mouse, you will also love Jommeke's adventures. It's not without reason that Jommeke has been popular in Flemish climes since the XNUMXs.

Jommeke at a glance

Jommeke Die Kovonistas was released in January 2019 and costs 9,95 euros. The booklets of the series in the German language translation appear regularly and can be purchased in comic shops, in bookstores or via the shop on the publisher's website. If you go back to the web shop, you currently get a trading card for Volume 001 to Volume 0024. To date, 28 volumes in the series have been published. In Belgium, Jommeke volume 308 entitled “Het verpeste kamp” has already been published, volumes 309 and 310 have already been announced for this year.

The following volumes have been published in German translation so far:

  • 001 The Turtle Treasure

  • 002 The Jam Pudding Ghost

  • 003 child rule

  • 004 The Plank by Jan Haring

  • 005 The deep well

  • 006 The cucumber princess

  • 007 Operation Bonsai

  • 008 The paradise island

  • 009 The blue wishstone

  • 010 The Kikiwikis

  • 011 Holeman

  • 012 cheese with holes

  • 013 The white melon

  • 014 The Queen of Unterland

  • 015 The pitcher of Aztrakan

  • 016 Sir Pimpeldon's casket

  • 017 The Kovonitas

  • 018 The King of Bananopia

  • 019 The silver giraffe

  • 020 Jungfraujoch in danger

  • 021 The Submarine Whale

  • 022 The little professor

  • 023 The Pudding Queen

  • 024 The Singing Moor

  • 025 Berta Gobelijn

  • 026 The plastic hunters

  • 027 In the land of pimples

  • 028 Baron Anatolsky


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