The makers of the title Punktsalat have announced a new casual card game, Point City. Flatout Games was involved in the development of the predecessor, ultimately the game was published by the Alderac Entertainment Group and in Germany in German by Pegasus Games.

Flatout Games announced Point City via Twitter. Accordingly, the successor to the dot salad is a novelty that is to be published again in cooperation with the Alderac Entertainment Group. The card game will be released in 2023. However, it is unclear when exactly. 

Point City: buildings instead of vegetables

According to Flatout Games, writers Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich are responsible for the game. The trio had previously worked out a salad of points. The illustrations are by Dylan Mangini. The style will probably correspond to the ideal predecessor, but will focus on urban content and no longer on vegetables. 

According to the publisher, it is a "simple engine builder card game" with a dynamic city grid in the drafting concept. The game should be a little more complex than a salad of points, but overall it will probably be based on the well-known concept. Much more is not known about the novelty of Flatout Games. The same applies to the release date: the card game will be released in 2023, but there are no more precise details.

The publisher wants to take a prototype to Gen Con, but you won't be able to play a full demo there. 

In any case, fans of dot salad can be curious. The vegetable card game published in this country by Pegasus Spiele is a real insider tip. There are countless ways to get points. Players achieve this by creating combinations from the point and vegetable cards round after round. The drafting card game enables many different strategies, which at first glance you might not think the title capable of. According to the publishers, there are over 100 scoring options in the family game with the simple basic rules. Dot salad is one of the most recommended party games.

Flatout Games is the publisher behind the games Calico or Cascadia. The latter puzzle game was published in this country by the publishing house Kosmos and was recently awarded as Game of the Year 2022 won.

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