Boxing and dance, these two sports are combined in the new fitness video game Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise for Nintendo Switch. The title is now available in stores and as a download from the Nintendo e-shop. A current trailer reveals what fans can expect from the sports and music game. If you want to try the game first: A free demo is available in the Nintendo Shop.

Fitness fans can now accompany the left or right swing with cool dance moves. Hit the hook, take cover, land a straight line - you have to do it all in Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise for Nintendo Switch. And if possible in the perfect rhythm of 20 instrumental versions of pop hits and three original songs.

Nintendo Switch: gaming instead of going to the gym

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise transforms the home into a private boxing hall: In the day workout mode, players can complete pre-set training sessions every day or put together their own exercise units in a free training mode. And if two players share the Joy-Con, they can get into the virtual ring to train together.

The current trailer shows a preview of what the motion-controlled game has to offer:

The six trainers from the first Fitness Boxing title are also represented in the new game to get fans moving. They are strengthened by three new personal trainers: Karen, Hiro and Janice.

The virtual coaches support the players in their workouts and provide the necessary amount of motivation. Nintendo's kind of virtual kicking the ass for all those who don't like sports: the more you train, the more additional outfits, accessories and other customization options you unlock for trainers.

The game can also be linked to its predecessor: If you already have the original title of Fitness Boxing, you can transfer your statistics to Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise and build your training on what you have already achieved. The players can set individual fitness goals and track values ​​such as daily calorie consumption or the number of boxing strokes given per day.

Those who are curious can do a trial training session in advance and a free one in the Nintendo eShop Demo version of the game .

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