The rumors that gamers are lazy persist. Nintendo seems to want to finally do away with it and has released the new fitness game for Nintendo Switch with “Ring Fit Adventure”. The package comes with fitness hardware and offers various challenges and mini-games designed to get gamers really fit. 

The appearance of the enclosed fitness ring is not entirely unknown. Ambitious athletes are already familiar with similar “tools of torture” from books and sports courses in local fitness temples. With the new fitness game “Ring Fit Adventure” Nintendo wants to bring the gym in front of the home screen. 

Big arms through the ring-con?

Admittedly, the idea is a good one: instead of having to drive to the gym, change clothes, train for hours and then head back home, owners of a Nintendo Switch can do their workout comfortably at home in front of the television. All you need is “Ring Fit Adventure”, a package that consists of the game software and a Ring-Con.

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Such a fitness concept is not entirely new; the Japanese company tried to combine sport and play on Nintendo Wii. The basic idea was clearly drilled out - including the story and the nasty fitness boss. Players try to defeat a villainous and quite powerful dragon in an adventure setting. This can of course be achieved through physical exercise. Ring adventurers should get fitter and sportier with every minute of play. 

The centerpiece is the Ring-Con, an initially inconspicuous fitness ring that ultimately serves as a holder for the Joy-Con. The package also includes a thigh strap to which a Joy-Con can also be attached. In this way, the controllers record the player's movements and measure the posture and thus the success of the exercise. The Ring-Con can also be squeezed together, just like a Pilates ring. The play part of “Ring Fit Adventure” does not have to be convincing in terms of play, but should primarily serve as a motivator for physical activity.


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There is an adventure mode with a solo campaign as well as a “free game” in which exercises can be planned by yourself and some mini-games that can be played solo or against other players.

The story alludes to classic fantasy: a powerful bodybuilder dragon wants to subjugate humanity and bring tough fitness to even the most remote areas. To do this, he has sent his minions, whom the player is supposed to defeat with the help of his magical sportiness and the ring. At the end there is a boss fight against the muscleman himself.

The character will only run if the player is running in place. Image: Nintendo

The character will only run if the player is running in place. Image: Nintendo

The player is constantly urged to move more: If the figure is to run, the player has to implement it and “run on the spot”. The thigh tracker notices that. Attacks are carried out through various exercises. A level should last a maximum of 15 minutes. Simple and complex exercises usually alternate, especially at the end of the campaign, players are required to be athletic. “Ring Fit Adventure” actually gets players moving. 

“Ring Fit Adventure” is probably not a replacement for the gym. Depending on the personal training goal, the new fitness game can still have a positive effect on fitness - but above all on motivation to move. 

The complete “Ring Fit Adventure” package for Nintendo Switch costs around 70 euros and is available now.

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