Just in time for the Toy Fair in Nuremberg at the beginning of February, the first game of the new year will be released by Pegasus Games: The cooperative survival game Frostpunk – The Board Game from publishing partner Frosted Games, including the expansion Streifzug ins Frostland.

Several million copies have been sold and almost 80.000 positive reviews on Valve's Steam platform alone: ​​The Frostpunk video game, released in 2018, is causing enthusiasm in the gaming community. Based on the great success, Adam Kwapiński has further developed the Society Survival game principle into a board game adaptation in cooperation with the video game studio 11 bit studios.

Board game based on the video game bestseller

In 2020, the project was finally successfully funded by almost 19.000 supporters via a Kickstarter campaign with over two million euros. In January 2023, the German version localized by Pegasus Spiele publishing partner Frosted Games will be released: Frostpunk - Das Brettspiel.

Set in an alternative, dystopian world of the 19th century, players in the expert game are concerned with nothing less than ensuring the survival of mankind's last city, New London. In different scenarios they face the dangers of the frozen land together, collect resources, build buildings, take care of the population, research technologies and enact laws.

In addition to city building and exploration elements as well as optimization and resource management, it is above all the atmospheric story that is at the heart of the gaming experience. Again and again, the players are faced with difficult decisions, the consequences of which will catch up with them later in the game. Moral and tactical considerations go hand in hand in this game for ages 16 and up: Do the players allow newcomers into the city or do they deny them access? Do they care for the weakest or for those whose chances seem better?

But it's not just the story-driven game principle that makes Frostpunk - The Board Game an immersive gaming experience for one to four people, but also the lush material. The 20cm high generator in the middle of the playing field is not only decorative, but also functions as a dice tower that the players have to "fire" to heat the city. How far will the players go to ensure the city's survival?

Alongside the base game, the expansion Frostland Streak will also be released. This includes cards for even more replayability and an even higher difficulty level, as well as wooden tokens. It includes everything that was unlocked as Stretch Goals during the original Kickstarter campaign.

Frostpunk – The board game will be available from January 2023 at a recommended retail price of 99,99 euros, the expansion Streifzug ins Frostland for 19,99 euros

Preview Product Rating Price
Frostpunk - Victorian Frostpunk - Victorian* 29,95 EUR

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