A first gameplay trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader was unveiled at the PC Gaming Show. The video showcases the cRPG's turn-based combat system and gives a taste of life as a rogue trader. The Collector's Edition was also presented.

Award-winning studio Owlcat Games has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader - the first cRPG set in the legendary, unrelenting darkness of a distant future, the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The role-playing game with a turn-based combat system appears for PC and consoles and is being developed in close cooperation with Games Workshop.

Collector's Edition including Cassia statue

Players take on the role of Free Traders, descendants of a venerable family of daring privateers who rule a trading empire and explore the fringes of Imperial dominion on behalf of the Emperor himself. Thanks to the Trade Authority, Free Traders have unimaginable privileges and powers, and are also tasked with expanding the borders of the Empire. The player has a gigantic void ship of immense strength and a huge crew just waiting to carry out the orders of their leader at their disposal. It is up to the player to show mercy to his subjects or treat them with contempt, to remain loyal to the Emperor or to join forces with enemies of mankind - every decision of the Free Trader influences entire solar systems and changes the in-game world and its inhabitants.

The game's events unfold in the Koronus Reach, a dangerous and uncharted region on the outer frontier of the human empire. Many explorers have fallen victim to this place and never returned.

One of the cornerstones of cRPGs are remarkable and complex companions - and of course such are also found in Rogue Trader. A mighty Space Marine, a restless Eldar Ranger, or even a brave member of the Adepta Sororitas armed with boltguns and prayers are just a few of the many characters who join the Rogue Trader on his adventures.

Owlcat revealed the gameplay trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview, giving a taste of life as a rogue trader. At the same time, the wish lists for the highly anticipated title were opened on Steam and GOG.

The fabulous Collector's Edition of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader was also introduced. It includes a 20cm painted figurine of the navigator Cassia Orsellio, a hardcover art book, a customizable trading authorization, a Rogue Trader banner and a sticker pack. In addition to the physical items, a digital version of the game is also available in a store of your choice with a selection of in-game goodies and access to the alpha and beta versions. The Collector's Edition is available from the Owlcat Games official website.

Collector's Edition Content:

  • Cassia statue (8in/20cm): An exclusive 20cm collectible figure of Cassia Orsellio, navigator and noble companion to the Rogue Trader. Cassia may appear young, but she has outstanding powers and greatly strengthens the group.
  • Art Book: Describes the making of the game, featuring concept art as well as high-resolution character artwork, environments, and various equipment in a hardcover art book.
  • Commercial Power of Attorney: The Imperial Trading Authority describes and authorizes the serious duties and tremendous privileges afforded to a rogue trader and their descendants.
  • Sticker pack: "Fight for the Imperium", "Success / Prosperity", "Your Emperor Needs You!" – these are the slogans of the sticker replicas of imperial propaganda posters. Players can find these in various in-game locations and decorate their own possessions with the appropriate set of stickers.
  • Rogue Trader cloth banners: This large banner is made of thick cloth and is a detailed replica of the House of Valancius crest.

Fans are welcome to support the game now by purchasing a Founder's Pack and becoming part of the team behind Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. Those who opt-in will get access to the alpha and beta versions of the game. The team continues to fine-tune the game experience based on player feedback. Early backers will also receive special rewards and items.

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Warhammer 40 K - Commander's Edition Warhammer 40 K - Commander's Edition * 145,00 EUR

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