The topic of climate change is omnipresent – ​​also in the games industry. As part of the UN initiative "Playing for the Planet Alliance", Microsoft has announced that it wants to test produce a climate-neutral console.

Several global players from the games industry, including Ubisoft, Sony and Google, belong to the initiative that aims to save around 2030 million tons of carbon dioxide by 30. Electronics giant Sony had already announced that the PS5 should run more energy-efficient than the Playstation 4.

Microsoft is working to improve its carbon footprint

Microsoft has now also presented plans for a climate-neutral console. How exactly the hardware should be designed, however, is not certain, nor is it on what technical basis the climate-friendly play station should be based.

It could be versions of the new Xbox Scarlett as well as a revamped version of the Xbox One X. Other details are still unclear: for example, whether only the production is climate-neutral or the entire operation. The climate-neutral version of the Xbox is to be produced in a limited edition of 825.000 pieces, reports Gamespot.

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Microsoft has been trying to make its carbon footprint as positive as possible since 2012. In addition, the company plans to publish a so-called "Built the Better World" program within the Minecraft franchise, which is intended to teach players how they can contribute to climate protection themselves.

More important than the time of publication of a climate-neutral console is the sign that Microsoft is setting the project plans. Hardware and console manufacturers also seem to be rethinking.