Gale Force 9 hasn't written off the Firefly brand yet. With Firefly: Misbehavin', the publisher is releasing a new deck builder in which players can slip into the roles of different factions from the Firefly universe. Fans don't have to wait long for the game to be released - the card game should be available in stores as early as August 2022.

Following Firefly: The Game and Firefly Adventures, Gale Force 9 once again takes the cult series as a theme for a game. This time you do it Dire Woll Digital and dem Licensed game Dune: Empire same and develops a deck builder based on the Spaces Western franchise.

Firefly: Misbehavin' – Release in Summer 2022

Firefly is not unknown to gamers. Previously, Gale Force 9 had made sure that fans could experience the adventures from the template on the gaming table with a board game and several expansions. Comparatively, the idea of ​​the Space Western opera was adhered to: players flew through the universe to do paid jobs. Firefly Adventures, on the other hand, sees fans teaming up with the Firefly crew, including Malcolm, Zoë, Jayne, Wash, and Kaylee, to cooperatively complete various skirmish missions.

For the new Firefly board game Firefly: Misbehavin', Gale Force 9 now focuses on the trending genre of deck builders. This time, in particular, the focus is on the different factions from the universe of the template, similar to what was already the case with Dune: Imperium. Two to four players clash in the competitive board game for control of a part of the galaxy. Each faction draws on a unique deck of cards that can be expanded to include additional characters or items as the game progresses. A game should last around 60 minutes, during which players have to react to changing goals.

Firefly Misbehavin' comes from the game designer Jack Reda, who previously created Dune: A Game of Conquest & Diplomacy and is now responsible for the new release Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen. The game costs around 60 euros and is scheduled for release in August 2022. Gale Force 9 chose the release year well: Firefly - Der Aufbruch der Serenity, the German title of the series, first appeared in 2002. This year the series is celebrating its 20th birthday.

Firefly – The game was published in Germany in a German language version by Heidelberger Spieleverlag (today Heidelbär Games. The title is now out of print and available on the used market.


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