You're doing it again: Webedia with its games brands Gamepro, Mein-MMO and Gamestar heralds the spring of games with the “Spring Edition” of the “Find your next Game” format. From April 17 to 20, there will be several hours of live streaming every day from 29 p.m. - including gameplay shows, interviews and community activities.

All good things come in threes, thinks Webedia Germany and, together with the editors of Gamepro and Gamestar as well as the team behind the online portal Mein-MMO, invites you to around 40 hours of live streaming as part of the “Find your next game” (FYNG) format one.

“Spring Edition”: Live daily, over 50 new games

The streaming format only ran for around a week in January, before that fans could follow the format in summer 2020: the organizers registered over 4,8 million views at the premiere. “Find your next game” is now in the third round. Probably the minimum requirement: to tie in with the first two editions. There is therefore around 40 hours of live streaming, and the games editors want to cover over 50 new games by April 29th. Interviews with guests and community activities round off the program.

Fans can see almost everything that even remotely belongs to the hot shit in the games industry this spring: from titles that have long been available, such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla or The Elder Scrolls Online to innovations such as the one recently plowed by Microsoft in an announcement Age of Empires 4 or the new offshoot from the Resident Evil main series, Resident Evil Village. Indie games shouldn't be neglected either.

Fans can indulge in games voyeurism without restraint: watch live gameplay or pass the time with special interest formats. Every day from 17 p.m. onwards, there are various items on the program - the editors of Gamepro, Gamestar and Mein-MMO are active until late in the evening.


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The streaming event “Find your next game” seems to be gradually establishing itself as a format - and it comes, again, at the right time. Due to the ongoing Corona situation, on-site events or conventions are still a long way off, despite ongoing planning for an at least partially physical trade fair is also about Gamescom 2021 not yet finally decided. So fans are currently sucking up what formats they can get with event character.

For publishers, too, an ever-increasing part of their future seems to lie in the digital world. "With the 'FYNG - Spring Edition' we would like to show our community once again what the gaming landscape has to offer in terms of news," says project manager Daniel Feith. Both previous editions were “complete successes”, “both with our users and with our partners”. One would like to build on this with the Spring Edition. “This time with even more exclusive items and lots of exciting guests”. This time, Nord-VPN, one of the world's largest internet security providers, has been brought on board as the main sponsor.

You can follow the shows via the Gamestar's YouTube channel or the in-house Twitch channel Monsters & Explosions. The first fans are already in the starting blocks before the start and are waiting for the starting gun.

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