"Find your next game", the joint streaming format of the magazines Gamestar and Gamepro and the website Mein-MMO, brings a daily live program to fans' home screens until January 24th. Last year, the summer edition of the event registered over 4,8 million views.  

No trade fairs, no conventions, no meetings - that is the balance sheet for 2020. Due to the global corona situation, the past few months have been completely different than usual and the start of the new year has so far given little hope for major events in the coming months. Many organizers are switching to the Internet and establishing streaming shows. The media company Webedia has long since made the leap to the Internet with its games brands - and is now relying on the second edition of the "Find Your Next Game" streaming format. The focus is on informative and entertaining live shows.

Find Your Next Game: Ten formats, 40 hours of live stream

The editorial teams of the magazines Gamestar and Gamepro as well as the authors of the Mein-MMO platform use ten different formats to ensure that fans can stream information about games and gaming without even having to step outside the door. The program, which focuses on new publications and announcements, runs daily from 16 p.m. and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14 p.m. Another focus will be the gaming festival DreamHack 2021.

The focus is on what fans can hope for from such a show format: The most anticipated games of the seasons, including Final Fantasy 16, Hitman 3, Diablo 4 or the mobile offshoot Diablo Immortal. Even Star Citizen gets a few minutes of airtime. The length of the individual shows usually varies between 10 and 45 minutes. Fans can switch on via the Twitch channel MAX or via Gamestars in-house YouTube Channel.

The winter edition of "Find Your Next Game" should be at least as successful as the debut last summer: In June 2020, the makers counted 36 million sessions and over 4,8 million views within one month.

There is a live program every day - until Sunday, January 24th. Image: Webedia

There is a live program every day - until Sunday, January 24th. Image: Webedia

“We want to build on the success of 'Find Your Next Game' with the Winter Edition. A wide variety of formats are planned with reacts, detailed previews of the game hits 2021, hardware talks and live gameplay shows. We are also doing a virtual open day with the editors of Gamestar, Gamepro and Mein-MMO. So there is something for everyone”, says project manager Daniel Feith about the plans for the campaign.

Behind the success, there is a lot of work, especially for the editorial staff. Every day, the editors presented game highlights as part of Find Your Next Game Vol. I. 76 hours of live programming on YouTube and Twitch came together last year.

The fans discussed with; the new format was well received: the average length of time spent on the articles was around four minutes, according to Webedia. That is 40 percent above the normal website average. With 3,16 million YouTube views and 275.000 hours watched on YouTube and Twitch, the “Find Your Next Game” month set ambitious targets in terms of video reach.

However, FYNG 2020 is not a mere imitation of the 2021 show: On the GameStar YouTube channel and the MAX Twitch channel, the community can expect tried and tested formats, but there is also a lot of new content. "Users can look forward to the virtual Community Day," says Webedia. It is a kind of open house, but in a digital format. The editorial communities have the opportunity to ask the editors questions in the stream and on Discord and to take part in an online lecture by Gamestar Plus boss Michael Graf.

In addition, gameplay sessions with the GameStar YouTube channel team and a cyberpunk hacking challenge are planned.

Another focus will be DreamHack, which will take place purely digitally for the first time in 2021. Several program slots are dedicated to this "corona emergency solution". Among other things, an interview with DreamHack project manager Constantin Strobel from the Leipzig Trade Fair and a detailed hardware talk on the topic of case modding and LAN feeling in multiplayer matches with the community are planned.

It will be streamed from January 19 to 24, six to eight hours a day.