It is well known that one should go when it is most beautiful. For Star Wars: Battlefront 2, DICE must have taken this saying to heart. In a long process, the developers have made the multiplayer shooter the best Star Wars video game in recent years. With the final update, a journey ends that only reached its climax at the end.

For two years fans travel various planets and capital ships, slip into the roles of mighty heroes and villains or let themselves be thrown as stormtrooper cannon fodder. It's always been fun, but Battlefront 2 has never been as good as it is now. DICE turned the shooter into possibly the best Star Wars game in recent years. Better than that terrific Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order? Yes. At least, depending on your point of view.

Battlefront 2: DICE lets it crash again

Every story is told to the end at some point. With the final update, DICE let it rip again. Fans get a lot of content and can now play Battlefront 2 as it should always have been. The battle for Scarif closes the last chapter; the free update has been available since April 29th.

It is no coincidence that the content of one of the best Star Wars films in recent years would turn Battlefront 2 into one of the best Star Wars games in recent years. DICE went to great lengths to bring the development process to a good end for itself, but above all for the fans.

The fight for Scarif is not only a newfangled high-gloss bombshell, but also a recourse to the content of the classic trilogy. Instant action on Hoth, Tatooine or Yavin 4 are on the program, as well as exciting battles for supremacy on this planet. The focus is on ground battles, even if spaceships are allowed to be used on at least some battlefields. So DICE wants to compensate for the superiority of the empire. There are also new skins, and there is also the option of playing instant action offline in a cooperative manner.

Experienced players turn the battlefield into hell. Image: EA

Experienced players turn the battlefield into hell. Image: EA

Ultimately, DICE holds the flag high for publisher Electronic Arts. Since buying the mighty license in 2012, he hasn't necessarily covered himself with fame when it comes to the implementation of video games in the Star Wars universe. Too few Star Wars games, some canceled projects, plus half-baked mobile games - you should have made more of it. After all, when fans think of Star Wars gaming now, they think of two great representatives: Battlefront 2 and Fallen Order.

What makes Battlefront 2 so good in the end?

When Jedi Fallen Order was released last year, the fans were very happy. Respawn Entertainment has delivered an excellent piece of software with the solo action role-playing game, but Battlefront 2 offers more Star Wars lightsaber fights, of course.

Nevertheless, Jedi Fallen Order only scratches the surface of everything, Battlefront 2 offers the more intense Star Wars experience with tough, confusing battles, plenty of action, well-known heroes and also with cool scenes that players suddenly experience on the battlefields. When you can finally access a hero during an intense battle, meet for Han Solo and in a narrow corridor to meet Boba Fett, then as a fan you know: more Star Wars is really not possible.

Battlefront 2 has it all: quick fights, quick deaths, many deaths - but sometimes also those incredible moments in which you as a hero simply dominate a battle. Image: EA

Battlefront 2 offers everything: quick fights, quick deaths, many deaths, even more deaths - but sometimes also those incredible moments in which you as a hero simply dominate a battle. Image: EA

Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was allowed to reach its climax, however, it should take around two years. A long time. With highs and lows. DICE screwed up the launch, Electronic Arts added a controversial monetization system - Loot boxes- and gambling debate included. No, it didn't go smoothly at first, neither with DICE nor EA and certainly not with Battlefront 2. As a fan, you could have ticked that off to wait for the next game in the Star Wars universe. Instead: Protest on every corner. DICE and EA were forced to make dramatic changes - and what kind of changes. The quality of the multiplayer shooter suddenly increased with every update.

Now, at the end of the journey, Battlefront 2 is a gigantic collection of content from all of the movies. There has never been so much Star Wars before and Star Wars never looked so good before. Even today, despite the now outdated graphic framework.

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The battles captivate players, Battlefront 2 lets fans soak up the Star Wars atmosphere. Models, effects, the thumping sound - everything is in harmony with the Force. Battlefront 2 looks like a movie: as a player it feels like you've landed in the middle of a raging battle on screen - were it not for "xxDeathWarriorxx1337" that suddenly bounces around you. Not everything is done in accordance with applicable canon, but that's ok.

DICE has examined every detail and changed it where necessary. The shooter has changed enormously as a result, especially the all-important "gun play". In addition, there is a steep learning curve. Beginners quickly find their way around Battlefront 2, experienced players make hell out of a battlefield in hero shoes.

Star Wars experience even for solo players

In Star Wars: Battlefront 2, DICE even thought of the solo players. Sure, the campaign isn't particularly extensive. And the story doesn't get you off your feet either. The story of Iden Version can keep up with Jedi Fallen Order.

Needless to say, there are extremely cool spaceship battles. The fact that these are also combined with ground battles turns Battlefront 2 into a game that is full of Star Wars. There are moments that hit you as hard as a wookie's punch. Every battle is a process: You start on the ground, fight for strategically important points on the map, get into your spaceship to deliver crisp and fast dogfights, only to then blow up a capital ship at the end. To ask?

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is full of great moments. Image: EA

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is full of great moments. Image: EA

DICE has turned the corner with this shooter and now that the final update has arrived, you can play the best Star Wars game in years - and at the same time know that the journey has come to an end. The "vision is complete," says DICE, meaning: There will probably continue to be smaller events and some challenges, but there will be no more new content.

What to do? Play Battlefront 2 while the servers are running - and then wait for Battlefront 3. However, there are no indications of a successor - typical for the combination of EA and Star Wars.

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