The novelties among the board games are also sometimes very political. The horrors of the Cold War are almost forgotten and only part of TV documentaries and history lesson plans. And yet the nuclear age, with all its risks, is a hot topic, the real threats of which are brought up to us every day in the world news. Exciting and scary at the same time, which makes it an ideal topic for the entertainment industry.

Atomic bomb atmosphere on the test site

With The Manhattan Project, the name says it all. In the strategic board game from Minion Games, everything revolves around the core topic of the atom bomb. The blog title, admittedly somewhat provocative, is no accident, because the aim of the game is to take the top position among the nuclear world powers and to gain control over the other nations through this superiority. In plain language: Whoever owns the thickest atomic bombs and the largest atomic bomb depot wins. Packing the complex political processes into a board game is really no easy task, but the multi-layered game idea is frighteningly real when thought through. The players control their research projects, organize the workers and facilities and do everything else to put themselves politically at the top of the world, at least for one evening. 

Explosive topic: nuclear energy.

Good scientists alone make up only part of the overall task, because infrastructures also need to be built and reactors to be maintained. The manhattan project feels like a giant project sandpit, so strategic geniuses and planners will have a lot of fun with this novelty in the board game sector. And as in real life, secret services and extensive espionage activities also play central roles.

The Manhattan Project courageously takes up the arms race of the nuclear powers as a theme and turns it into board game fun. Colorful, tactically demanding, extensive, exciting and spiced with a pinch of political thriller and social criticism. Available since July 10, 2014 and worth playing! For me currently an absolute insider tip among the board games and in any case a recommendation for all board players who want to bring a bit of political explosiveness into their home.

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