Fifa 22 will be released on October 1st for last-gen consoles, PC, but also the new power consoles Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5. However, an upgrade is no longer automatically included in the inexpensive version of the virtual soccer game. For this, fans have to grab the Ultimate Edition, which costs around 100 euros. 

Shortly before the release of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, the free upgrades from the last-gen consoles to the current generation were one of those goodies that publishers distributed to fans. So it now seems to be over at FIFA 22. Electronic Arts announced the release of Fifa 22 with a reveal trailer. From the different versions it can now be seen that you have to pay more for the upgrade if you start on the Xbox One or Playstation 4 and only want to play later on the newer consoles.

Upgrade included in Ultimate Edition

Actually, it wouldn't be so annoying if all pre-orderers or potential buyers already had their Xbox Series X | S or Playstation 5 in their hands. Because that is exactly not the case, Electronic Arts Coup seems to feel like “cashing in” for many fans. So far, the upgrade to the next generation of consoles has been available for free - it was included in the game for ÜS4 or Xbox One. The publisher is now changing that: There are many different versions of Fifa 22 - from Standard to Ultimate. However, only the latter variant will contain the upgrade. Those fans who want to play FIFA 100 on the Playstation 22 or Xbox One first, in order to switch later, then have to pay more than 4 euros.

And then there is another annoying detail for fans: The versions for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S cost around 80 euros more than usual. Increased prices for games for the new power consoles are no longer surprising, but because Electronic Arts is not necessarily seen by fans as a particularly patronizing publisher, the anger is great. The Ultimate Edition is also only available digitally.

Fifa 22 will be released on October 1st for PC, Microsoft's and Sony's consoles as well as for Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Nintendo fans are once again using the so-called “Legacy Edition”, a slimmed-down version of Fifa 22. Fifa 22 will have the usual modes - the progress made with Ultimate Team and Volta can be transferred; however, this does not apply to the progress of pro clubs, online seasons, co-op seasons or the career mode.

Technically, the virtual kick on the current gen could actually be convincing. One reason for this is the exclusive “HyperMotion Technology” on these platforms, which Electronic Arts and EA Sports advertise in the reveal trailer:


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